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What Does Google’s New Pigeon Update Mean for Small Businesses?

GoogleIt is a known fact that a strong online presence and a sound online marketing strategy should be in place for all companies to be successful. To achieve this, very effective SEO services are imperative for all businesses today, regardless of whether it is a small operation or major conglomerate.

Digital marketing and other small business SEO services help your website rank higher on the landing pages of major search engines, the most important of which is Google. This search engine updates its search algorithms regularly, for any recently launched one nicknamed ‘Pigeon’. Like its predecessors, this one is bound to affect the results of local search operations.

The Intent of the New Algorithm

• Pigeon was designed to basically improve the location and distance ranking considerations. The update aims to review the distance and location parameters so that the search itself is more relevant.
• The algorithm aims to enhance its web search abilities, which includes a host of features such as spelling correction, synonyms, and knowledge graph.
• This will affect the ranking capabilities of your website substantially, only when it comes to localised search operations. The update has moved the search engine towards a hyperlocal search.
• Smaller companies need not necessarily panic after this update. If your website currently ranks well due to popular search terms or relevant keywords, then there is not much cause for concern.
• Remember, though, that local results are very important for success, as the queries are now more geo-targeted than they were. This implies that your website might not appear in the local search as it used to in the past. It also means, though, that the relevance of potential customers looking for you will increase, bringing in more targeted traffic.

As an owner of a small company, you can create a dedicated Google+ page for your brand. This is highly recommended as this will help you appear both in the carousel and local search results. Ensure that your web pages are fully updated and completely verified. This will help you benefit from all the qualified leads coming from the local results, too.

A Timeless Addition: Which Low-Maintenance Countertop is Ideal for Your Dream Kitchen?

well designed kitchenA family who eats together, stays together.

For busy parents, the whole process of cooking can be stressful. From planning what to eat to grocery shopping and preparing the actual meal, cooking takes plenty of time. Dinnertime, however, should be family time. The kitchen is where your family gathers to talk about what happened during that day, which is why the place must create a fun and calming environment.

If you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, the design should be timeless. Start by choosing the perfect countertop that can meet your family’s needs. But, putting in new countertops is never easy, and some may cost a lot. Let this article help you choose the right one that can help you save money for future work.


This is one of the least costly options to install. With its durability and attractive appearance, there’s no doubt a granite countertop is the top choice of many homeowners. They are non-porous and easy to clean, which will prevent germs from sticking. As with any material, though, it can be prone to scratches, especially if poorly maintained. Keep in mind that depending on care and use, maintaining the beauty and life of granite countertops can be difficult.

Engineered Stone

Also known as quartz, this type of countertop is a good combination of functionality and beauty. Its ability to remain resistant to stains and scratches has made this a popular choice for frugal homeowners. The only maintenance you will do is wiping your countertops with mild soap and water, and you’ll be confident you are getting your kitchen clean and organized. It has the same quality as granite, but cannot be resistant to heat.


This will not leave you wiping up everything that will land on your kitchen counter, as this material got unique characteristics. Zinc darkens over time, which allows it to develop a gorgeous patina. You will not have any problem, as this type of countertop reacts wonderfully with water, fingerprints, and juice.

Making the right decision means you can prevent costly procedures, such as changing or altering the initial look.

End of Stressful Commutes: Common Misconceptions About BHPH Auto Dealers Debunked

elegant carYou go to work feeling sleepy every day, you always feel exhausted when you get home, and you can’t have a good night’s sleep.

With your demanding job and busy schedule, it’s important to have a vehicle that meets your daily needs. Fortunately, a Buy Here Pay Here auto dealer can help make your life easier.  You may have heard of it before, but you chose to ignore because of the rumors. This article will clean everything up to help you understand what to expect from BHPH dealerships.

BHPH can hurt your credit history

This is the common misconception believed by many people. Believe it or not, bad credit won’t last forever. If you pay your bills on time, you can rebuild your credit. As hopeless as your situation may seem, there’s always a way to help you open the door to a great future. In fact, auto expert Central Auto Sales note that BHPH car dealerships can help improve your score by reporting your timely payments to the credit bureau. As your reputation improves gradually, you can qualify for bigger loans and better cars in the future.

You can’t get a car with small down payment

BHPH is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as every situation is different. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t get a car you want with little money down. You can have a car with $1000 down, as long as the dealership gets to hear and understand your story. It’s best to explain the reason you have a bad credit and tell them why things have gotten tough for you.

BHPH dealers offer only junk cars 

Many people think that BHPH dealers only sell vehicles that have mechanical problems. The truth is, responsible auto companies understand that when they sell junk cars, the consumer can’t get back and forth from work. That will only make their life stressful and miserable. This is the reason they always come up with solutions to earn money, while helping customers.

Sure, having a bad credit is depressing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the car you need. Keep in mind that every problem has its own solution.

5 Real Estate Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

houseThere are plenty of real estate options out there. Instead of making the search easier for potential buyers, it makes the process all the more confusing. The result? First time buyers end up making mistakes that could potentially ruin their finances and then some.

Here are some common real estate mistakes you shouldn’t make:

Settling for the cheapest bidder. Quality should be a priority when it comes to homes. Invest in a Townsville builder that can make you a house that will last for years. Poorly built homes will cost more in repairs down the line.
Not preparing correctly. Buying real estate is more than researching your dream homes and visiting them. Preparation also requires that your finances are in order and you have the capacity to pay for your loans, mortgage, and maintenance costs for years.
Looking only at the price. You can’t expect quality homes at very low prices. If a listing is pricey, it’s usually for a very good reason. You always want to look at the value of the estate. If you think the house is worth every penny, then that’s a good offer.
Not being flexible. You have to think of your future. If you’re a young person, a studio-type condo may work for you, but it doesn’t accommodate a sudden lifestyle change like moving in with a partner or a possible child. Consider possible scenarios when buying.
Waiting too long. Some young couples put off their first home purchase until much later in life. You want to be a homeowner as early as possible, as this could be a valuable asset for you later in life. Buy a small flat and work your way to better homes in the future.

The search and purchase of a home should be a joyous, exciting experience. It shouldn’t traumatize you or put you off on becoming a homeowner. The true secret to a successful real estate purchase is to prepare yourself emotionally, physically, and financially. Happy hunting!

Dental Implants: How they are better than Dentures

dental patientWorld class dental implants have proven to be a better choice in replacing missing teeth, when compared to regular dentures. Dental implants enhance facial aesthetics in a number of ways, such as these examples:

  • Implants look like your own natural teeth because they integrate into the bone structure and also prevent gum recession and bone loss that often comes with dentures. In fact, they fit in so well that it is almost impossible to make out that they have been implanted.
  • With dental implants, valuable adjacent teeth are saved which normally does not happen in the case of bridges or dentures, which generally alter neighbouring teeth in order to support them.
  • Your natural teeth are untouched by dental implants which has a benefit in the long run particularly in the maintenance of overall oral health.
  • Unlike dentures, implants allow you to eat and speak with the same comfort as natural teeth, and they eliminate the bothersome wobbles and clicks normally associated with dentures. This also removes the risk of misplaced dentures and having to use messy glues and pastes.
  • Natural-looking implants have a success rate ranging from 92 to 98 percent, depending on the overall condition of your teeth.
  • Ever since the introduction of dental implant technology, a single tooth can be easily replaced without affecting your neighbouring teeth. This proves to be a distinct advantage over a fixed bridge supported by another tooth.
  • A dental implant replaces the root of your tooth and this results in the gum bone being preserved better as implants integrate better with the bone. With dentures, some bone previously surrounding the tooth may begin to deteriorate.
  • For long term use, an implant is easier to clean with regular brushing, as opposed to using a denture cleaner. Gums are also likely to recede around a denture, resulting in quite a visible defect as the denture’s collar or metal base becomes exposed.
  • The deteriorated bone under a denture is a breeding ground for bacteria and this leads to further dental decay. Dentures supported by implants are definitely more comfortable than traditional dentures and surely allow you to bite and chew more naturally.

The Right Mat For Your Workout

workout matMats are important in the course of performing different exercises. Take note, however, that each mat serves a different purpose. Some mats serve as a defense of the floor from heavy gym apparatus while others protect the body during exercise. Most exercises require the use of a mat for proper implementation.

Here is a list of mats and their respective purposes:

Gym Mat

Gym floor mats are made of rubber. According to Floor Mat Systems, this is specially designed to protect floors and equipment, creating a safe and clean surface. It escorts people performing dumbbell bench press, dumbbell dead lifts or barbell. Do not perform these exercises at maximal level without a mat beneath you.

Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is thinner than other meats. The yogi, the person who performs yoga, needs to feel the floor to perform all movements properly. It provides a stable and non-slip surface for yoga poses.

Pilate Mat

It is similar to the yoga mat, but it is thicker to keep you padded from the floor. Rolling exercises like seal and open leg rocker are no fun without padding.

Exercise Mat

Exercise mat or workout mat is important for any floor exercise like crunches and leg lifts. It has a soft cushion to protect your hips, knees and spine. It is quite pricy, but it will save you from pain and injury.

Heavy Duty Mat

This mat is commonly used in gymnasium and club. It is bulky yet its durability makes it worth it.

Professional Fitness Mat

Usually, gymnastics requires this type of mat because it is thick enough to absorb any shock that might damage the neck, knees or ankles.

Exercise mats will not make you thinner or more muscular, but these ensure comfort. Use a mat that fits your workout to attain the body you want safely.

Branding and Identity: Where Every Strategy Should Focus

gadgetsCirca 2013 data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the country is home to over 2 million active businesses. Although the ABS said that this is lower than the number of businesses in 2012, the figure remains impressively large. For businesses in Canberra, Melbourne, and other parts of the country, the question now is how you can stand out from the 2 million plus other enterprises.

Marketers have one definite solution for that: branding. Most people would say this whole endeavour is as simple as coming up with a company name, a tagline, and a logo to go with it. This belief, however, is misguided. Branding is that collective term for an entire set of activities covering identity generation, logo creation, and web development Canberra businesses need to stand out.

Creating a strategy is not as simple as it sounds, though. But for starters, marketing experts point out that the right branding strategy focuses on these three things:


Imagine Nike without its iconic swoosh mark. The swoosh simply identifies the brand, the same way that a pouncing feline figure is all about Puma. That’s how important a logo is in developing a brand. Your logo should be simple, clear, and memorable. Remember that the logo is the key to eliciting a good first impression from your audience. Logo designing involves comprehensive brand research so that the final design affects the prospective consumer at the subconscious level.

Brand identity

Brand identity pertains to the way you set yourself apart from similar businesses. This is where you have to find your market position. When you create your brand identity, you define the impact of your enterprise to the audience. A good starting point is a single idea or belief that the brand stands for. Strong and unique brand identity creation needs a principle that makes you different from your competitors.

Brand communication

Once you have set your identity, you have to know how to communicate it. This means you have to craft ads that reflect the first two concepts you have in mind. It’s all about establishing that emotional connection with your consumers and making an impact on your target audience.

When your business knows how to leverage these things, you will always be a notch better than your competitors.

Surfing on a Long board

surfboardSurfing is a very wonderful water sport, but you need to learn and train well to be really good at it. There are numerous kinds of surf boards—for beginners, for sports enthusiasts, and for professionals.

There are different ones for beginners and amateurs and the very thin and narrow ones for the professional surfer. You can read reviews of them online and understand what will suit you the best, like those that help you learn how to surf reviewed by sites like comparesurfboards.com.

Long board surfing is also very popular nowadays. The difference in surfing with these planks is due to its length.

How are they different?

The length is more than nine feet generally, although women use ones that are slightly shorter
than nine feet.

• These planks are lengthier and are used by the surfer to glide down the wave with grace. This requires a lot of experience and skill.
• With the shorter ones the surfer accelerates by working on the wave from top, to gain velocity and stay afloat. But with the longer ones he needs to trim and glide along with the wave.
• Therefore the shorter ones are for surfers who want speed and quick movement. Whereas the longer ones are for grace and elegance. Both require the necessary skill and experience to excel.
• The users of the lengthier models usually follow different methods to stay with the curve of the wave. In professional terms they are referred to as nose riding, walking the board, or hanging ten.
• Walking refers to accelerating by moving forward on the plank or going backwards to slow down the speed. Nose riding or hanging ten refers to the time when the user goes to the front of the plank and hangs over the nose of the plank.

This kind of long planks can be used properly only when the waves are more tapered and gentle. Ducking to get under the water is not possible with this kind of long planks. So one of the techniques used by the surfer is to turn turtle and allow the water to pass over the plank. The surfer in the meanwhile will be underwater.

You can find many varieties in these kinds of planks too, such as nose riders and cruisers. Pick one that suits you and enjoy surfing.

Get Rid of Work Related Injuries with the Take 5 Checklist

employeesThe Take 5 checklist helps both employees and contractors. It allows them to work on external worksites without the risk of injury. Personnel can use the checklist to carry out an external assignment, while supervisors can communicate their instructions at any times. The checklist helps users recognise once the circumstances or conditions change during a job.

The Take 5 checklist makes users aware of their environment at any point in time, and aids in identifying and controlling immediate hazards in daily work. Australia has one of the highest safety standards in the world, and has the legal process to back it up. Employers would rather spend more money than risk an even costlier legal battle. The hazards that the Take 5 checklist helps avoid include:

• Worn out or inappropriate tools for a job.
• Damaged, worn out, or obsolete PPE
• Potential for trips, slips, or falls
• Poor or inadequate housekeeping
• Protruding, or dropped sharp objects
• Damaged, or worn out electrical cables/leads
• Non-tested equipment
• Inadequate precautions for height safety
• Stiff valves

Industry specialist bsprint.com.au adds that the checklist can help with:

• Allowing the users to learn how to scan the environment while, identifying objects that might hurt workers.
• Looking for hazards in terms of machinery trips, and assorted protrusions.
• Avoiding and controlling potential hazards after they have been identified.
• Scanning the work site, and identifying any changes from the set standards.

The checklist is a safety guideline for the workplace that teaches its users to keep their eyes and ears open. It helps prevent injuries both minor and major. The process helps increase productivity, reduces lost work time, and applies to every industry.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and in the case of work related injuries, it does not cost as much either. Make the ideal move and invest in the well-being of workers.

All’s Well That Ends Well? Understanding Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

divorceA divorce is never pleasant news, especially for those who will have to go through it. The process involves a lot of emotional and mental stress, and can get extremely frustrating. Given the current strict divorce laws in New York, legal separation would mean undergoing plenty of legal procedures and spending a lot of money.

If you are not familiar with the process, know at least that there are generally two types of divorce—contested and uncontested. Most couples in Long Island (and across the country in general) get confused between these two types, so here’s a quick guide to clear the air:

Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, the couple disagrees on some or most of the issues revolving around the case. With this type of divorce, it is necessary for the couple to file court cases and go through trials, so that the law can sort out the disputed issues.

The downside of this is that it can be a lengthy procedure to go through; it may cause more disputes between the two parties, and can make the whole process of a divorce even more painful. If you don’t want to go through the whole process, your Long Island divorce lawyer might suggest filing for uncontested divorce instead.

Uncontested Divorce

If there is no disagreement between the spouses on all issues surrounding the divorce, or if you and your future ex-spouse do not want to go through a lengthy process, file for uncontested divorce. You can settle issues on your own—that is, if you still communicate with each other without the senseless bickering. This makes it easier to process the case, and both parties do not need to appear in court for a settlement.

Aside from settling the issues on your own, the situation can also become an uncontested divorce if one of the two does not respond to a filed complaint within 30 days.

Most lawyers usually advise couples to make the case an uncontested divorce. If the two cannot fully resolve the issues by themselves, though, then they do not have any other choice but to go through a lengthy hearing.