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Surfing on a Long board

surfboardSurfing is a very wonderful water sport, but you need to learn and train well to be really good at it. There are numerous kinds of surf boards—for beginners, for sports enthusiasts, and for professionals.

There are different ones for beginners and amateurs and the very thin and narrow ones for the professional surfer. You can read reviews of them online and understand what will suit you the best, like those that help you learn how to surf reviewed by sites like comparesurfboards.com.

Long board surfing is also very popular nowadays. The difference in surfing with these planks is due to its length.

How are they different?

The length is more than nine feet generally, although women use ones that are slightly shorter
than nine feet.

• These planks are lengthier and are used by the surfer to glide down the wave with grace. This requires a lot of experience and skill.
• With the shorter ones the surfer accelerates by working on the wave from top, to gain velocity and stay afloat. But with the longer ones he needs to trim and glide along with the wave.
• Therefore the shorter ones are for surfers who want speed and quick movement. Whereas the longer ones are for grace and elegance. Both require the necessary skill and experience to excel.
• The users of the lengthier models usually follow different methods to stay with the curve of the wave. In professional terms they are referred to as nose riding, walking the board, or hanging ten.
• Walking refers to accelerating by moving forward on the plank or going backwards to slow down the speed. Nose riding or hanging ten refers to the time when the user goes to the front of the plank and hangs over the nose of the plank.

This kind of long planks can be used properly only when the waves are more tapered and gentle. Ducking to get under the water is not possible with this kind of long planks. So one of the techniques used by the surfer is to turn turtle and allow the water to pass over the plank. The surfer in the meanwhile will be underwater.

You can find many varieties in these kinds of planks too, such as nose riders and cruisers. Pick one that suits you and enjoy surfing.

Get Rid of Work Related Injuries with the Take 5 Checklist

employeesThe Take 5 checklist helps both employees and contractors. It allows them to work on external worksites without the risk of injury. Personnel can use the checklist to carry out an external assignment, while supervisors can communicate their instructions at any times. The checklist helps users recognise once the circumstances or conditions change during a job.

The Take 5 checklist makes users aware of their environment at any point in time, and aids in identifying and controlling immediate hazards in daily work. Australia has one of the highest safety standards in the world, and has the legal process to back it up. Employers would rather spend more money than risk an even costlier legal battle. The hazards that the Take 5 checklist helps avoid include:

• Worn out or inappropriate tools for a job.
• Damaged, worn out, or obsolete PPE
• Potential for trips, slips, or falls
• Poor or inadequate housekeeping
• Protruding, or dropped sharp objects
• Damaged, or worn out electrical cables/leads
• Non-tested equipment
• Inadequate precautions for height safety
• Stiff valves

Industry specialist bsprint.com.au adds that the checklist can help with:

• Allowing the users to learn how to scan the environment while, identifying objects that might hurt workers.
• Looking for hazards in terms of machinery trips, and assorted protrusions.
• Avoiding and controlling potential hazards after they have been identified.
• Scanning the work site, and identifying any changes from the set standards.

The checklist is a safety guideline for the workplace that teaches its users to keep their eyes and ears open. It helps prevent injuries both minor and major. The process helps increase productivity, reduces lost work time, and applies to every industry.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and in the case of work related injuries, it does not cost as much either. Make the ideal move and invest in the well-being of workers.

All’s Well That Ends Well? Understanding Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

divorceA divorce is never pleasant news, especially for those who will have to go through it. The process involves a lot of emotional and mental stress, and can get extremely frustrating. Given the current strict divorce laws in New York, legal separation would mean undergoing plenty of legal procedures and spending a lot of money.

If you are not familiar with the process, know at least that there are generally two types of divorce—contested and uncontested. Most couples in Long Island (and across the country in general) get confused between these two types, so here’s a quick guide to clear the air:

Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, the couple disagrees on some or most of the issues revolving around the case. With this type of divorce, it is necessary for the couple to file court cases and go through trials, so that the law can sort out the disputed issues.

The downside of this is that it can be a lengthy procedure to go through; it may cause more disputes between the two parties, and can make the whole process of a divorce even more painful. If you don’t want to go through the whole process, your Long Island divorce lawyer might suggest filing for uncontested divorce instead.

Uncontested Divorce

If there is no disagreement between the spouses on all issues surrounding the divorce, or if you and your future ex-spouse do not want to go through a lengthy process, file for uncontested divorce. You can settle issues on your own—that is, if you still communicate with each other without the senseless bickering. This makes it easier to process the case, and both parties do not need to appear in court for a settlement.

Aside from settling the issues on your own, the situation can also become an uncontested divorce if one of the two does not respond to a filed complaint within 30 days.

Most lawyers usually advise couples to make the case an uncontested divorce. If the two cannot fully resolve the issues by themselves, though, then they do not have any other choice but to go through a lengthy hearing.

Should School Uniforms Be Compulsory Or Optional?

inside a classroomDuring high school, it is important to create the best learning environment. This is why part of the responsibilities of the administration and the faculty is to enforce effective policies and a certain level of discipline.

With a huge student population, the management usually encounters other related issues, such as the dress code policy.As a matter of fact, the dress code debate has been a long standing discussion almost in every school.

Here are several key points in a debate or discussion of dress code policies in different schools:

  1. Institutions who prescribe their students to wear uniforms. According to Perm-A-Pleat, uniforms indicate unity and simplicity. Other schools, however, employ stricter rules, making the dress code policy a bit confusing and difficult for some.
  2. During the implementation of the policy, students find ways of getting around the outfit requirements. The slacks become baggier and the skirts seem to shrink in size. The uniforms turn out to be DIY projects.
  3. It has been difficult to reach an arrangement where everyone agrees. Some school heads cannot decide what be included in the regulations, which the student population need to adhere to the policies and so on.
  4. Others argue that a set of dressing rules for dressing might eliminate the sense of individuality and creativity of students. This also robs the students of their freedom in expressing themselves. Through their clothes, they use colour combinations and styles to express their mood for the day or their whole personality.
  5. Pro-administration contests that uniforms may stop bullying cases, which continue to grow in numbers. The garments can conceal economic and social status—two of the reasons why students bully others.

For most educational institutions, the management prefers a uniform dress code for social and practical reasons.

In covering the senior levels, however, they should provide more lax policies where students have the choice in dressing up. This can help them in several basic decision-makings, and take up responsibility for what they choose to wear.

Should You Choose a Split System over Window ACs?

air conditioning unitAir conditioning systems are now commonplace in homes all over the world. With summers heating up to unprecedented levels, no one likes to be in a room without a functioning AC. Many homes choose between two types of air conditioning systems:

  1. Window Air Conditioning
  2. Split Air Conditioning Systems

Between the two, the latter is rapidly becoming popular as it offers several unique advantages.

Professional installation

You will rarely ever have to install it yourself. Most split AC system vendors like conductairconditioning.com.au will do the hard work for you. They plan the installation, take measurements, and you simply have to wait until your system is fully working.

Low maintenance

In addition, the split AC systems are low on maintenance as they only require cleaning from time to time. Moreover, these cooling units contain washable filters, which mean that you can clean the filter yourself. Even the outdoor unit requires minimal maintenance, and your vendor can either help or instruct you.

Other benefits

Some other important benefits of the split AC system are:

  • Very quiet, making it an effective way to minimise ambient noises at home.
  • Easy to use, and can adjust temperatures in your room quickly and efficiently.
  • Very cost effective, as modern units come with energy saving features.
  • No need to get out of bed; most split AC systems come with a remote.

Finally, the split AC is far more aesthetic in its design, rather than being clunky like the window AC. Indeed, the latest models have minimalist designs that do not even look like air conditioning units once you place them on the wall. It will be easy to work around it should you decide to make some renovations to the room.

Given these benefits, it comes as little surprise to find that split ACs find their way into almost every home today.

How to Avoid The Terrors of Mold

mold damageMold damage is a common phenomenon, particularly in flooded basements and crawl spaces. This can prove fatal to building structures and cause irreparable damage. Mold reproduces through tiny spores, which can’t be seen by the naked eye, and float around in the indoor air. It begins growing indoors when these spores settle on wet surfaces. As mold can never grow without moisture or water, immediate action after a storm or flood will ensure that your home is safe.

Any building that’s water-damaged will require special attention to prevent or treat a mold attack. If mold grows for longer periods, the risk will be greater and cleaning up becomes harder. In extreme cases, you might need mold damage control from providers like waterdamage-saltlakecity.com to prevent the damage from spreading. So, just as the floodwaters recede, the process of cleaning up and drying must commence immediately.

The steps to avoiding serious mold outbreaks

The ideal way to avoid a mold hazard is to get in touch with a licensed and reputable mold damage prevention company immediately after the flood and follow the following measures:

• Remove all wet carpeting immediately and discard it, if possible. If you can salvage the carpet, dry clean and thoroughly disinfect it. Throw away any flooded padding.

•Remove wet insulation right away, even if your wallboard may appear dry. Wet insulation stays wet for long and this leads to growth of unhealthy mold.

• Disinfect any surfaces that have been contaminated with floodwater. Use non-phosphate detergents to clean up, since phosphate residues lead to more growth of mold. When disinfecting, never mix ammonia and bleach because this creates a lethal gas.

• Dry all subfloors, wall framing and slabs as fast as possible before you replace wallboard, insulation, and flooring. Air conditioners, heaters and better still, a dehumidifier will help accelerate the drying process. Large dehumidifying blowers are the fastest.

• You can use a moisture detector to check out the moisture content in sheathing and studs before replacing insulation. The moisture content of wood should be below 20% before closing the wall.

• Avoid using vinyl wallpaper, which prevents drying on the insides.

These precautions are highly effective at preventing mold, but you shouldn’t be overconfident even after applying them. All it takes is one minor mold infestation to snowball into major property damage.

3 Things You Should Always Look for in a Function or Party Venue

partyOne of the best and most convenient places to hold any special occasion is a function venue. Say you want to celebrate a special event in Queensland in Australia, a good function venue in Brisbane will likely offer almost everything you need to make your event a grand success.

This, however, can only happen if you prepare early and properly. You have to know what they can offer in terms of amenities and value to your event.

Here are a few things you should include in your checklist when looking for a party or event venue.

Ready with Amenities and Equipment

A good function venue should have most, if not all, amenities and equipment you’ll need for the event. Aside from the room, they should at least have chairs, tables, sound system equipment, cutlery, glass and dinnerware.

Most hotels post their offered services, amenities, and equipment online. Checking hotel websites, like RegattaHotel.com.au, should give you a good idea of what the place offers.

Convenience for You and the Guests

There are venues located well within a city’s busy districts, and there are those on the outskirts and suburbs. Determine what kind of event you’ll be having, what mood you want for that occasion and where most of your guests will be coming from.

If it’s a weekend event and you want lush greenery and nature to be the backdrop, your best option is to book a function hall in the suburbs. In Brisbane, for example, Toowong would be a great place to stage a wedding or some other special occasion. It’s near the city proper but provides a great encounter with nature.

Venue Capacity

Take into account the venue’s capacity, both the seating capacity and the floor space. Even if the venue can accommodate 200 people, make sure that when the guests are all present, there’s still enough space to roam around and mingle. Check if there’s enough space for a dance floor and a booth for the DJ or the band, if you’re hiring one.

The perfect venue should be one that complements your event and enhances the whole experience for you and all the attendees. Make sure you find the right one by doing your research and planning carefully.

The Perks of Living in Koh Samui

Koh SamuiKoh Samui or simply Samui is one of Thailand’s most charming islands. Interestingly, there is a large number of expat retirees purchasing properties on the island. Other than escaping from the high real estate taxes of their countries, these expats come to Samui to enjoy its beauty and the excitement it offers.

Based on the reviews of TripAdvisor and figures from Overseas Property Portfolio, the range of nationalities on the island is pretty diverse, so making friends is easy. Here are some of the benefits of living in Koh Samui.

Dynamic Thailand

Among the most tourist-friendly countries in South East Asia, Thailand is considered as one of the friendliest, if not the most welcoming country in the world. Koh Samui, with the efforts of the local government and private organisations, has been developed on some levels to fit foreign tastes and lifestyles.

Living is Easy

Living on Koh Samui is very convenient for any expat looking for a new home. The island offers excellent shopping centres as well as the supermarkets that feature products from all over the world. There are also so many things going on and the development is nonstop. There are always new shopping and entertainment centres being built to cater to the needs of the expat community.

Excellent Dining Choices

One of the finest aspects of living in a resort island is the wide range of dining choices available. Thai cuisine is one of the best in the world, but there are also cuisines from all over the word to satisfy your palate. You can enjoy the best of French, German, Italian, Brazilian and American cuisines in Koh Samui.

Beautiful Beaches

Koh Samui has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Enjoy the tropical sun as you gaze out from your cabana and into the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Check out a number of water sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving. Other exciting activities include kayaking and cruising.

These are only some of the perks of living in this beautiful island. If you’re ready to feel a uniquely Asian culture, look for reliable property portfolio managers.

Redefining Your Living Space: Renovation Tips for Homeowners

home renovationHome improvement is all about changing your living space for the better. Whether you’re adding a few features or renovating the entire structure, the primary goal is to make the house more beautiful and comfortable. You should remember, however, that cost always comes with home improvement. This means you need to plan the project carefully to achieve the results you want and get the best value for every dollar you spend.

Housing veterans The Renovation Company shares some tips on making your home a better place.

Let your creative juices flow

Be clear about your plans and get enough information about the prospective project. Know exactly what you want for your property. Writing or drawing up your plans will be of great help. You can find design ideas on the Internet, books, or magazines. These resources provide details about project planning, implementation, monitoring and assessment.

Learn about the building code

Before starting the home improvement project, get in touch with a representative from your state’s building department. This will help you learn about the building code and the requirements you need to accomplish. A permit and inspection are a requirement for larger projects. You may need to submit your plan to the authority as well for assessment.

Bring your ideas to life

Creating a draft makes the design process easier. It clarifies construction details and identifies the right materials for the project. You can ask for help from an experienced designer or engineer if drawing is not your strength. Don’t forget to look for a reliable contractor to ensure the quality of work. You’ll work with that company throughout the renovation process, so you have to choose carefully. You can check online reviews or ask your friends for recommendations.

Improve your space for a better living experience. Follow these tips to get the look you want for your home.

Managing Property Rentals: A Guide for New Landlords

apartments for rentWhile renting out your home or apartment units seems like a good moneymaking opportunity, know that unless the tenant is a diligent payer, you could well be on the way to losing money.

New property owners must be extra careful about leasing their properties. They should find a trustworthy tenant and be familiar with the business of property management rights for sale. By following these pointers, you could handle this job well on your own.

Conduct a Thorough Background Check

Before you lease out your home to a tenant, be sure to check their background first. This means you should verify the following details:

  • Credit status
  • Behaviour with previous landlords
  • Family size and the in general the way of living
  • Criminal background
  • Eviction history

Build a Strong Relationship

After checking on the dependability of the would-be tenant, make sure you build a good relationship with him. Understand that renting a property is like any other businesses where relationships matter. Maintaining a good relation with your tenant may result in:

  • Receiving rent payments on time
  • Addressing minor repairs on their own
  • Causing no problems even when no one is home

Prepare a Strong Lease Agreement

When renting out a property, devise a lease agreement, which states the terms and conditions the tenant should follow during his stay in your property. This piece of document should contain the following details:

  • any repair that might be needed in the home and who will pay for it
  • the duration of the tenancy and what could be done, should it be exceeded illegally
  • payment of utilities
  • maintenance of appliances

Finally, make sure you have enough capital. With the renting business, you never know when the need for hard cash may arise. These may include legal issues, sudden repairs or in cases where the tenant may not be regular with rent payments.

If you keep these few points in mind, then rest assured that the renting out of your home will bring not only money, but lots of peace of mind too!