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Tubular Skylights: The Practical Way To Brighten Up Your Home

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Space Unlimited: Interior Design for Maximising Small Spaces

bedroomNot everyone has the luxury to decorate massive estates. For others, home is only a handful of square meters. Limited by your space? Don’t be. With the combination of the right tips and tricks, you can fit all your design ideas regardless of the size of your real estate.

Professional companies like Gran Designs WA have done it, and so can you! Here are a few tips to maximise even the smallest spaces:

  • Maximise your walls. If you can’t lay it out on the floor, put it up on shelves. Line your walls with shelves and use unoccupied storage spaces as decorative areas.
  • Use your nooks and crannies. Do you have space under the stairs? Perhaps a gap in the wall between the dining room and kitchen? Use it as extra storage space, build a bookshelf, or even a built-in workstation!
  • When you don’t have the space to put up decorative elements like a sculpture or trophy, invest in beautiful storage containers. Colourful pencil holders, canisters, racks and the like are useful as well as artistic.
  • Furnish your home with multi-purpose items. A small office desk that can expand into a dining table, a sofa bed, and other items can free up space without taking away important home elements.
  • Use white or light colours for your walls and flooring to open up the space even more. Mirrors also create a sense of space. Use lighting to keep your space bright. Poorly lit rooms tend to feel cluttered and warm while bright, fluorescent light gives it a cheerier, cleaner image.

When it comes to interior design, it’s all about creativity. Work with what you have instead of focusing on the space you lack. When you’re forced to get creative, your personal taste comes through even more, making your home truly unique and truly yours.

Three Yeses to your I Do’s

jewelleryHow do you know that it’s the right time to pop the question?

Most people will say that it’s when you hit a milestone. Perhaps you’re celebrating a big anniversary. But readiness is not often synonymous with the length of time you’ve been with the other person. There’s a reason some couples may have been together for decades without wanting to tie the knot.

In some cases, a big anniversary celebration, says Robert H. Parker & Sons Jewellers, may mark a special time in your life as a couple. It could be so special that you would start thinking of taking your relationship to the next logical level.

There are other ways to determine whether or not you’re ready to take that next big step. Ask yourselves these questions and if the answers are a resounding “Yes!” then you’re ready for your “I Dos”:

Does your partner know about all your finances?

This includes all your bank accounts, assets, and even liabilities. Even if you’re having problems with credit card debt, your spouse must know about it. Money is one of the top things most couples fight about, don’t get into your life together with big financial concerns hanging over your head.

Do you talk about the future?

When you discuss your future years from now, do you discuss it as a collective? Are you making plans to someday buy a house together, or even just travel around the world? Do you talk about children even in the hypothetical? If you and your partner consider each other a fixture in the future, it’s a good sign.

Do your family and friends approve?

You still have the last say choosing the person you will marry. If your loved ones have not warmed up to your partner even after years of being together, this should raise some flags. Ask your friends and family why they may not like your partner and figure out if these are valid concerns.

Keep in mind your engagement is not just the period of preparing for your wedding. It’s also the time to get to know your partner completely and see them as a life-long partner. While you prepare your wedding, prepare yourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and physically for the life ahead.

Marketing 101: Simple Strategic Marketing

marketing strategiesIt’s always good to be proactive with your marketing strategy. Even while referrals are bringing in a steady stream of clients, the best way to get a wider reach is to raise awareness. This will generate leads you can educate and finally convert into clients.

The first and perhaps most crucial step is to create awareness. This is where your San Diego marketing and advertising companies and PR agencies come in. The Internet has dominated marketing, advertising, and public relations and it’s wise to invest in these strategies as they are cost-effective.

Before getting into the technical aspects of online marketing, however, make sure you have perfected the basics—content. Provide as much information about your company on your website. Give your business a personality by engaging in social media. Once you’ve established rapport with patrons old and new, then further develop search engine optimization, responsive designs or app and mobile marketing.

Focus on a niche market. It may be tempting to advertise to the world and trust that a handful of the world’s multi-billion population will bring you their business, making yourself the best answer to your niche is a lot more effective. It’s impossible to be all things to everyone. Be the best at one thing than settle for being mediocre with a lot of different things.

When building a brand, make sure you are consistent. Try to have an idea of what you want to show the world right from the get-go. This includes, but is not limited to, logos, colours, themes, or even your company mascot. Consistency reinforces your brand and improves retention.

Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth, referrals, and returning clientele. Just remember, one negative feedback from a personal contact is more powerful than a hundred anonymous reviews online. An excellent product or service will always be your most powerful marketing strategy.

What You Need to Know about Accommodations in Australia

accommodationsAccommodations come in many forms, ranging from hotel rooms to apartments, youth hostels, beach cabins or even luxury resorts that have been developed recently in the country. The beach chalets are just a minute away from the beach and give you an unparalleled view of the Indian Ocean and some really fresh air to breathe and rejuvenate yourself.

Some of these accommodation options have a wide swimming pool outdoors and barbeque facilities. These properties even offer air-conditioned self-contained accommodation that come with fully equipped kitchens, including microwaves and ovens. Every chalet also comes with its own living room and flat-screen television set.

There are companies that even provide varied choices that include short-term accommodations in Perth. These establishments like Cottesloe Beach House Stays are near the finest scenic spots in the city, while still providing the wonders of nature.

There are a number of hotels in Cottesloe situated opposite the beach with air-conditioned rooms, bars and restaurants that serve boutique beers and exotic dishes. You can have your taste of exclusive wines and other drinks while watching the Indian Ocean at your leisure. These hotel rooms all offer uninterrupted views by way of a private balcony. Rooms are available in standard, beachfront and exclusive categories with attached bathroom and facilities for making tea and/or coffee.

There are tourists who prefer places that are ideal for surfing and swimming. These places even cater to golf enthusiasts. Whether they have a course within its premises or provide easy access to one, visitors can tee off while on vacation.

Some families choose apartment hotels situated alongside a river. These apartments even have balconies, along with indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Spas and barbecue facilities are essentials for many people, as well.

Most accommodations in Cottesloe offer bed and free continental breakfast also, making it more affordable for tourists.

What’s New in Kitchen Design?

Trends in kitchen design are changing. These days, people no longer want the sterile look of an all-white kitchen; they are becoming more creative. Today’s trends based on renovation companies like Kitchen Matters, are showing a leap towards the use of natural materials, experimentation with colour, and a combination of modern and traditional decorative themes.


Embracing the Outdoors

Homeowners are building second spaces outdoors. Whilst not a permanent substitute for the kitchen indoors, these are usually equipped with grills and stone ovens that make picnics and outdoor parties a tad classier. They also treat families to a change of scenery as they take their meals.

Brass and Copper are In

Warmer metals are now more sought after than cold stainless steel. This adds a bit of flexibility in terms of design. With appliances in these colours, the kitchen can still have an authentic comfortable and rustic feel. They also look fantastic when combined with natural materials and colour themes. Other colours that are making a comeback include greys, blues, and darker hues.

Bigger is Better

These days, home kitchens are so elaborate they could give luxurious restaurants a run for their money. This is because dining halls are ensconced within kitchens, making them ample areas for entertaining guests like your living room.

High Technologies

It is not just the appliances that are brand new in the kitchen; it is also the shelf spaces and other organisational systems. Today’s kitchen cabinets and shelves are as automated as the tools kept within them. An organised kitchen is a clean kitchen, and these new technologies in construction aid in making that happen for every home.

When thinking of your own kitchen’s design, consider what it would look like 20 years down the line. You want your kitchen to be practical and aesthetically pleasing without looking too dated as the years go by. Following a few of these new trends may help keep your interiors fresh and up to date even years into the future.

Four Signs That You’re Ready to Buy a House

Buying a house, just as other important life decisions, is not something you should go into lightly. The financial responsibility alone will require you to have at least one stable source of income. A house also encourages you to establish roots wherever you choose to settle.

buying a house

According to Manor Lakes, most people are tempted to dive in upon the sight of a gorgeous house in a picturesque location. You may be thinking that you’re going to buy a house at some point, so why not now? The answer is because the purchase of a home is not like deciding to buy a bag of chips at the store. It takes months of serious thought – not 5 seconds – to make a decision.

Here’s a quick look at the four biggest signs that you are ready to take that step towards stability:

• Your finances are in order. In order to secure pre-approval for a house, you need a sizable bank account, a stable job, and a stream of income that can afford the finances required of home ownership.

• Your priorities are starting to change. This may be because of an expanding family making you seriously consider neighbourhood friendliness and school districts. It will do your little ones a world of good if they can grow up with stability under one roof.

• You’re not going anywhere—geographically. Where do you see yourself living in five years? Home ownership means living in one place for at least a decade, if not more. If you see yourself thriving in the same zip code, go for it!

• You love home improvement. This may be a minor gauge, but it’s an important one. You have to be interested in home repair and design because there’s a lot of that in your future as a homeowner!

If you identify with more than half of the signs above, it could indeed be time to find a realtor. If not, then there is no shame in signing a lease for a couple more years. Renting might even be a better option for people at a certain point in their lives, or those with lifestyles that require constant travel.

Keeping Memories Alive: Create a Beautiful Engagement Book to Make the Moment Extra Special

It might not be as extravagant as a wedding, but an engagement is still a high point in everyone’s life. That is why capturing the memories of this day is as important as preparing a special photo album for the wedding. The best way to keep the memories of your engagement alive is to make an engagement photo album. Together with the wedding album, this book can hold volumes of memories from two of the most special days of your life.

scrapbook materials

Here are a few pointers to making the engagement photo album as special as the event itself:

Online, Physical or Both

Decide if you want your album to be online, physical or both. You can choose either one or both, depending on your desire and budget. If you make both a digital and physical album, create them differently, so that you have different ways to show off your special day to people who come to visit you later on.

Create a Timeline

When you put the photographs in the album, don’t place them randomly. Whatever the occasion is, whether it’s a well-designed bar mitzvah album, a birthday album or an anniversary one, there should be some sort of storytelling through the photos. String them together and put them in chronological order, so that anyone who sees the album gets mesmerized in your story. Start with a few individual photos of the two of you, then move on to some couple pictures, both formal and informal ones. You might even want to re-enact the proposal, just to capture a few shots of those extra-special moments.

Customize the Album

Anyone making an engagement photo book is going to include engagement pictures and other trivia in it. If you want to make yours different from the rest, personalize it as much as you can. For this, you’ll have to:

  • Decorate the album as per your taste
  • Use colors that you plan to use in your wedding
  • Think up funny one-liners, quotes, and interesting messages to accompany each photograph

Finally, don’t forget to ask for help from family and friends who are experienced in making an engagement photo book. By doing this, you’re sure to create an album that can keep you and your spouse feeling engaged even years after your wedding.

Toughened Glass: Your Protection Against Potential Danger

Tempered glass, more commonly known as tough glass, comes in different types and sizes. These differ from annealed glass in terms of applications and composition. These are highly preferred by users due to its strength and safety. To learn more about how they’re used in different industries, here’s a brief discussion from perthcityglass.com.au:


A Safe Building Material

Tempered glass finds its principal applications in glass doors without frames. Even passenger car windows are made from them for increased safety during collisions and other accidents. In fact, in Australia, building codes specify the use of tough glass for building construction. For example, a glass window situated within three feet of an open door must have tempered glass in it.

Toughened glass also adds to the safety of the place because if it breaks, it crumbles into small pieces and not into sharp shards like annealed glass. This prevents injuries. The glass is also known to be the hardest type. It’s manufactured by using special chemicals and through prolonged heat treatment to toughen it to the maximum limit.

Different Applications

Nowadays, most architects are using this type of glass to create walls, partitions, shower areas and even rooms in most buildings because of their strength and low cost as a building material. These special treatments enhance the internal stress tolerance levels of the glass. Toughened glass is also being used extensively for fencing purposes, particularly in residential areas that have swimming pools or even for creating hothouses to grow special plants under weather-controlled conditions. The automobile industry is also making extensive used of it for rear and side windows in cars because in case of accidents, small fragments of the glass cling together, instead of falling all over the place and injuring passengers. Its strength, safety and thermal resistance are its most important qualities.

Other Types

Toughened glass also finds extensive use in buildings that have unframed assemblies, applications that are structurally loaded, and any other sphere where its shattering would impact human life. There are also certain rim-tempered toughened glasses, which mean that the glass’s rim or plate is toughened, as seen in food service counters.

Home Renovation Cost: Keeping it Under Control

Home renovation projects do not necessarily have to drain out your savings. By finding creative ways to work within your budget, you start your dream renovation without ruining your budget. Here are a few ways to save on renovations:

sea container

Be Flexible

When it comes to choosing home decorations, it is best to be flexible. Look for stores that offer discounted or overstock household items. Shop at local stores or flea markets and find home decorations that could fit your remodelling project. This may limit colour or design options, but it can mean significant savings.

DIY Project

If you have the skills to do a remodelling project, you can save money on renovations. Check out a few tips on doing smaller tasks or watch videos about minor remodelling endeavours. If you are taking on larger tasks, however, it is best to call the experts. While tasks like flooring and tiling are doable, they can be pricey to fix if you make mistakes. Hire experts in the electrical and the foundation work.

Online Shopping

Buying appliance or fixtures online only makes sense if you know what you are getting. You can save hundreds of dollars on online items by comparing their prices. Just make sure that the delivery or shipping cost does not eat up your savings. If you want to shop online, do it in advance and know the return policy before buying.

Clean the Renovation Area

Before starting your home renovation, remove all appliances and furniture from the room. You can cover heavy furniture with plastic or consider a Perth sea container storage. Leaving the renovation area clean can prevent items from accumulating dirt. This can avoid accidental furniture damage or destruction, which could cost you more money.

Stick to Basics

If you want to save money on remodels, avoid trends. Do not follow renovation fads, as you will get sick of them in a few years. It will cost you more trying to get the look of a kitchen or bathroom in a home magazine. Be realistic with your choices; do not go overboard with fixtures and other decorations.

If you cannot afford major renovations right now, it is best to skip them first. Create significant improvements with affordable updates like window treatment, paints, or lighting.

Quality House Painting: Understanding the Preparations Involved

Painting a house can be a painstaking and tedious process, as there are many steps involved before the actual task can commence. Whether a homeowner decides to do the painting himself or hire a company specialising in residential painting, preparation is very important. To understand the process behind quality house painting, here’s a brief discussion from Global Decorating:

painting services

Painting the Exterior

First, inspect the home to check if there’s any damage to wood rafters and window frames. Issues of wood rot have to be addressed before the next step, as mould and mildew are quite common in humid areas. Companies doing residential painting check for blistered and peeling paint first. Afterwards, they remove and put in new caulking and prep surfaces by sanding before they start painting. Exterior preparation takes longer, as sun and wind cause wood and paint to warp or even get mildewed.

Pressure washers are used to take dirt off surfaces, repairs are undertaken and caulking has to be done before a primer coat is applied. All of these steps take time.

Painting is usually done when the weather is fairly cool, dry and sunny. By doing this, the paint can set properly. When done right, exterior paints can last a long time and protect one’s investment.

Painting the Interior

Painting the inside of a house also takes some prep work before the job can begin. To prepare, here are some important steps:

  • Move furniture and other objects off the walls and cover them.
  • Dirt usually stops paint from sticking to walls properly. If there are sticky and greasy spots on walls, remove them with a general cleaner and let surfaces dry completely before painting.
  • Covering furniture and applying masking tape is also important. Baseboards, carpets and furniture should be protected, so that cleanup isn’t necessary.
  • Outlet covers and switch plates should be removed for better coverage.
  • Repair cracks and holes in walls. Drywall repairs should be handled with care, so the finish looks even. If it’s an old house, make sure the finishes don’t have lead. Take proper precautions before filling cracks.

There are some tools and methods used for interior residential painting. Rollers are the most common tools, as they’re easy-to-use and cost-effective. If a house is being updated with furnishings, choosing the right type of paint and colour is important. Many people also choose to clean up doors and baseboards and paint them for a fresh look. In case you’re planning to paint the ceiling, find an easy way to do it, as it can cause neck problems.