3 Reasons Australia’s Downsized Blocks are a Blessing in Disguise

Small LotAustralia used to have the largest home floor space in the world; writing it in the past tense feels like time has suddenly passed. It might still have other countries slashed their average residential lots, but there isn’t much chance for Aussie home buyers these days to buy the size of block their parent bought in the past.

As major cities and nearby suburbs become denser, and the pressure to offer less costly housing grow stronger, the move to narrower dwellings is inevitable. Although the Great Australian Dream has shrunk, and a few household staples, such as a backyard, pool and deck, faces the brink of extinction, a smaller home doesn’t necessarily mean worse.

As a matter of fact, this seeming misfortune begets a pocketful of boons:


Starting with the most obvious, smaller lots mean more affordable lots. Home ownership has now become easier — thanks to the abundance of narrow pieces of vacant land in the market, Urban Homes notes.

Even if many feels owning a property is still unattainable due to the meagre wage growth, there’s no denying that more economical house and lot options, like houses built on small blocks, have kept the number of renters from increasing.


Because narrow (and relatively affordable) properties are located in prime locations, aspiring homeowners have the chance to reside near places of employment, public transport and other city amenities one needs.

This kind of proximity to everyday essentials can make anyone less reliant on vehicles. If the savings in gas isn’t enough, the shorter commute could translate to more family time.

Energy Efficiency

Most, if not all, experienced small lot builders in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide put a premium on sustainability. They’re adept at creative floor plans to get more from less. From clever use of building materials to ingenious architecture, you don’t have to compromise your desired home functions just because you live in a narrow block.

Gone are the days that wide house footprint is the portrait of a typical Australian home. Nevertheless, the possibility is endless with great design.