5 Tips on Designing a Unique and Effective Product Label

Female customer reading label on cosmetic bottle

Your product label is a big concern and should be given much thought before going printing and sticking it to your products. It represents your brand and defines your brand’s characteristics, which is why choosing its design is a vital part of your business.

You must remember that you should stand out from the rest and that your uniqueness makes people remember you and choose you over the others.

There are plenty of label makers in NZ that can help you with production, but you must choose your design first and the rest will be a breeze. Here are some pointers to help you:

The Overall Colour Scheme

Colour is a huge factor when choosing your label’s design. It must be unique enough to stand out. The colour scheme can directly influence the buyer’s decision, which is why it should be bold but not bold enough to be made fun of. Consider whether the container or bottle is clear, and then choose a solid colour that would easily be noticed.

The Font

Never choose a boring font, but do not go for the super loud ones either. Choose one that would accentuate your brand, one that can easily be distinguished as “you”. It should likewise be readable enough.

The Label Material

You can ask your label maker to help you decide on the best label material, as they know what is best when it comes to these things. Materials that are commonly used are clear, white, gold, silver foil or cream coloured. Some label makers offer more, so you better enquire about your options.

The Images

If you want to add some graphics or images to your label, it would be best to enlist the help of a graphic designer. Communicate with them so they would know what to offer.

The Size, Shape and Finish of the Label

These can also be discussed with your label maker. These factors often depend on your container and packaging, as well as your personal preferences. The most common finish includes matte or glossy, which can add appeal to your products.

Creating your own label is fun and exciting. Go ahead and choose your design and work with a reputable label maker to ensure the quality and effectiveness of your product labels.