A few Essential Details of the BizSAFE Course

BizSAFE Course

BizSAFE CourseThe BizSAFE course is a five step voluntary program aimed at improving the health and safety standard at all workplaces. The concerned council in Singapore initiated this. It’s meant to help factories and companies to improve the safety and health at the workplace.

There are some companies, like Galmon, that have received bizSAFE awards for their workplace safety and health excellence.  Here are some essential details about the bizSAFE course.

  • The first step

In order to achieve the required standards of safety, the companies are walked through a number of pointers. The journey begins with the top management understanding and committing to creating safe and healthy work environment. The participating businesses and companies benefit from the comprehensive system that can be kept in place. This helps them to attain higher standards of safety and health as desired by the council.

  • The risk management course

The second step is acquiring and implementing a risk management system in place. This course is designed to help the participants completely understand the hazards that are possible at their workplace.  They are taught the fundamentals of risk management and the skill the manage risks at their specific work areas. They are taught how to handle risks using the management principles that are already in place.

  • The other steps

After the second step, your company should get an independent authorized expert on risk management to assess your workplace and then you pass stage three. For stage four, your company should take up a program related to work place safety and health standards and complete it successfully.  For the final stage called bizSAFEstar, you company should be audited by an approved auditor from the council.

The Ministry of Manpower has supported this program and although it is not mandatory, it is best to make your workplace safe through this program.  The aim of this program is to decrease the potential risks at the source and thus improve the safety standards at the work place.