Add that Old World Charm to Your Home

Vintage Style HomeWhen visualizing a charming home, what images come to mind? Wooden fences, intricate doors and windows, and warm colors may be some of them. They all spell “old world” and “rustic,” and they are both homely-looking. To achieve this, you need to have a clear vision and the right materials.

Things have to be well put-together, starting from the entryway. Stylish arched wood ones from Uber Doors may do the trick for a warm and welcoming entrance. Here are other ideas to help you add that old world charm to your home.

Get Woody and Earthy

It doesn’t mean every corner should be made out of wood. But, much of the place has to look earthy to achieve the old world style. Bricks and stones make classy roofs and exterior walls. Wooden furniture lends a rustic appeal to the place. If you prefer glass, steel or vinyl for your shelves, small antique figurines make good decorations. Putting old books on display also makes the house look cozy.

If your walls aren’t wooden, going neutral will lend the illusion of age. Lean towards gold and cream shades for interiors.

Go Dramatic

The style has a lot of drama, and your choice of accessories can help you achieve it. Heavy curtains in rich colors and fabrics add elegance to the place. Detailed furniture with distressed finishes enhances the rustic feel. For your staircases, bed frames and windows, iron grills make ideal addition. A big chandelier is a centerpiece no one misses, so you may use one as well.

Light Up

The style’s primitive and detail-heavy appeal may make it seem dark, so balance it out with ample lighting. Install large windows and glass doors around the house for natural light to come in. Lamps also brighten up the place, while serving as classic accents.

Any home can look beautiful with the right materials and a consistent design. For one that radiates an old world charm, a bold, classic, and earthy look is the way to go.