Basketball League 101: How Do You Create a Winning Team?


BasketballThey say ball is life, and basketball is very much alive in the Philippines. You can find covered courts and even makeshift half-courts in practically every street corner. With the strong number of basketball players, it’s not surprising that many groups organize basketball leagues for wannabe ballers.

If you’re an active fan of the sport, now is a good time to build your own team and join these basketball leagues. CustomThread shares the four key things you should plan before participating:

The Team

Anyone interested in basketball can learn how to play the game. If you want to win, you need agile guards, strong forwards, and solid center players for your team. You can conduct tryouts in your area or simply invite fellow passionate players to form the team.

Practice Sessions

Organizing practice sessions is a major challenge, especially if your team members are busy with work or school. Finding a common schedule for all requires effort, and looking for basketball courts to rent calls for patience and a wide network of friends. If your team is committed, you can successfully set a time and place for your practice sessions.

Team Name and Logo

You also need to set a symbol, logo, and official color for your team. Design a mascot to represent your team. You can be the next popular basketball team if you strive hard enough in every game.


Basketball is a team sport. A uniform is significant to building rapport and a strong team spirit. Once you’ve established your team name and logo, order custom-made basketball jersey for every member. The uniform should be ready before your first game in the basketball league, so everyone will have that motivation to play and win.


Financing can be a challenge in forming a basketball team, but, again, preparation is vital in sports and in life. Find sponsors from the office, local companies, or your own homeowners’ association to keep things running. If everyone needs to chip in for court rentals and jersey, let your team members know that their contribution is for the good of the team. This will help you manage your budget more efficiently.

With commitment and a strong mindset, you can join your local basketball leagues and win at your favorite sport.