Become a Legal Nurse Consultant and Supercharge Your Career

Recent studies show an estimated quarter of a million people die each year from medical malpractice. Other research data indicate that millions of patients suffer injuries because of medical errors. Surgical errors, diagnostic failure, and medication mistakes are the most rampant medical issues in the healthcare industry.

Despite the high rate of these errors, only a small fraction of these patients is successful in their quest for justice and compensation. As a registered nurse, you can play a larger role in helping such victims.

By furthering your skills to become a nurse legal expert or consultant, you can be instrumental in helping to settle such cases.

Provide expert testimony

Medical care is a highly specific field with lots of medical jargon and terminology. Unless you’re an insider, most of these terms and procedures are likely to fly over your head. Such an occurrence creates great hiccups in legal proceedings, leading to major delays in case settlements.

Hence, there exists a need for an expert to bridge the gap for the non-medical crowd. That’s where you’d come in as a legal nurse consultant. You’d provide expert testimony in addition to helping the court and lawyers have deeper insights into medical malpractice case.

See, it’s quite difficult to reach a sound judgment is they can’t understand how or where the problems stem begun.

A chance to grow your career

Take the extra step to gain an extra qualification comes with a considerable amount of personal benefits. In addition to the satisfaction of helping the system settle cases quicker, it also comes with financial perks. You also get to grow your career options.

With the necessary skills, you can work as an independent contractor or as a freelancer during your downtime. You can also work in that capacity for a hospital or a law firm and help them to prepare expert and witness testimony.

If you are looking to play a greater role in helping medical malpractice victims pursue justice, further your qualifications and become a legal nursing consultant. Not only would such a move help victims, but it would increase your career options as well.