Best Tip Ever: The Basic Guide for a Great Rodeo Look

Cowgirl Rodeo

Dressing up for the rodeo can be fun and exciting. However, there’s more to it than just looking at straw cowboy’s hat for sale from reliable vendors such as A.A. Callister. So, whether it’s your first rodeo or not, here are a few considerations to help you choose the appropriate clothes for the event.

Comfort comes first

Rodeo events can last for hours and often it’s held outdoors. So, always ensure that you’re dressed for comfort. Keep in mind that it can be hot or humid outside. That’s why it’s best to wear breathable cotton or even knitted t-shirt so you can move freely.

Find the right pair of boots

It may be a cliché, but wearing boots really make an outfit look more rodeo ready. Try to find a pair that feels comfortable on your feet so you wouldn’t get tired of wearing it for several hours. If you don’t want to spend too much on a pair of boots, then you might want to visit any thrift stores as well.

Give it a modern look

Although most people consider the look timeless, you may still want to give it a few more updates when it comes to styling. Give it a fresh look by wearing embellishments that may either be embroidered or even worn.

Don’t overdo things

Although everyone has a general idea of what to wear for a rodeo, you might not want to do the stereotypical look. If you’ve never worn a bolo tie before, then don’t feel obligated to wear one.

Attending a rodeo event can be fun. So, don’t fuzz around what you’re going to wear and instead just enjoy the day. It’s always best to create wonderful memories instead of spending too much of your time planning your look for the event.

Try to look at shops that sell western clothing and ask them for a few tips on how to complete your look.