Biggest Reasons That Drive People to Skydive


SkydivingSkydiving seems more like a race to your death rather than a sport. Who in their sane mind would jump off an airplane and dive into a vast space of nothing?

Well, contrary to many opinions, most – if not all – skydivers are actually sane people merely seeking for adventure and doing something out of the ordinary. How unordinary? “The first step towards adventure is to leave your comfort zone,” says That doesn’t sound comforting at all.

For those of us who do not sympathise with this thrill-seeking nature, here is a list of reasons that can change our minds about this extreme sport.

For one, you can fly

Flying is one of man’s greatest dreams. But due to the lack of wings and the great likelihood of you dying from jumping out of a 5-storey window, it is not a very feasible endeavour. With skydiving, people suddenly have a chance to do it. Imagine suddenly being able to fly without the accompanying fear of dying?

With the reliability of modern industry equipment, training and procedures, risks involved in skydiving are minimised. Likewise, malfunctioning parachutes are uncommon. This promise of safety has encouraged many people into this excursion.

You can feel free and peaceful

The skydiving industry is commonly more in demand in highly-progressive cities, like Perth and Sydney. While urban life has its perks, it can sometimes be the cause of your stress. Well, with skydiving, you can rise above that – literally.

The common reasoning you will hear from skydiving junkies is that free-falling gives them a sense of freedom that they cannot get elsewhere. And the crazier part? This feeling of liberation puts them at peace. The fresh air, the bird’s eye view of the world below and flying past puffy clouds do sound a bit calming.

You get to conquer your fear

Skydiving becomes addicting because once you have done it, it seems like you have overcome one of man’s greatest fears – heights. Being able to survive empowers and rewards people in ways they cannot put into words. People say it has left a positive impact on their perception of fears and life itself.

And last but not least, it is fun. You get to meet incredible people and involve yourself in a great community. Combine this and the perks mentioned above, trying skydiving perhaps does have its merits.

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