Business Beyond Borders: Tips for Corporate Travellers


Virtual blackboards and video conferencing may have changed how businesses operate. Corporate travelling, however, still remains. Face-to-face meetings through corporate travels improve communication and allow better business results.

Here are a few essentials to make corporate travelling simpler and more effective:

Choose an accommodation near corporate precincts

Many hotels designed for business travellers are located close to show grounds, exhibition centres, and other establishments perfect for business dealings. As changing time zones and creating business networks is a demanding lifestyle, you can reward yourself by getting some relaxation and physical activity. Take some time out so you can deliver better during work hours.


Learn international business etiquette

When doing business overseas, it’s important to know the business practices of the country’s culture. This will avoid any unintentional error that may cost you that contract. For example, maintaining eye contact may be perceived as a sign of aggression rather than honesty. Schedules are sure to change as well. Weekends may begin on a Friday, or a Saturday evening may be the best day to have meetings.

Experience travelling green

If you wish to make the experience eco-friendly, choose carpooling, light packing, and taking a train instead of an airplane. You can also try some green travel services, such as buying carbon offsets or renting a hybrid car.
While you can’t help being on the road for work, there are things you can do to make it less strenuous. Now, who says business and pleasure don’t mix?