Categories of Grouts Used For the Repair of Concrete Cracks

Concrete crack

Injection grouting is one of the efficient techniques of fixing cracks in concrete floors. The process involves the injection of grout under pressure to strengthen damaged concrete and fill in cracks. The grout used is viscous plastic that has minimal shrinkage properties with the ability to fill up cracks.

There are different categories of grout you will come across from a supplier specialising in concrete floor sealer products. The ideal product for your use depends on its compatibility with your existing concrete.

Here are some of the grout options you have for your repair work:

Polymer Injection Grouts

These are made from epoxy, polyester, acrylic and polyurethane resins. Acrylic and polyurethane resins are usually used for the treatment of concrete water retaining structures to prevent water seepage. They are resistant to segregation, cracking and chemicals and have an improved impermeability. Epoxy-based grouts are non-resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, and UV rays and ideal for outdoor surfaces.

Fiber-Reinforced Grout

This grout includes glass, steel or polypropylene fibres in their mix. These additional materials enhance the impact resistance, ductility and flexural strength of the grout. Concrete repair using fibre-reinforced grout requires expert handling to prevent the segregation of the fibres in the grout.

Gas-Forming Grout

This grout has gas bubbles that are generated through the reaction of certain ingredients. The ingredients commonly used are carbon powder and aluminium, which react with cement liquor. The gas bubbles created expand the grout and compensate for any shrinkage after its application. Gas-forming grout is however temperature-sensitive and not suitable in high-temperature applications. It should also be laid down quickly to ensure the forming of gas bubbles does not complete before application of the grout.

The application of the above grout types also requires specialised equipment. Some material suppliers can hire out the needed equipment for your grout. Rather than buy the material and hire equipment separately, you can opt for a one-stop supplier for both for your convenience.