Choosing Between Plastic and Wire Retainers

January 20, 2016

One of the orthodontic devices that your dentist might prescribe if you have crooked teeth or severely misaligned teeth is a dental retainer. Why would you want a retainer, you ask? For starters, retainers are Read More

Worth the Visit: What to Do in Vail, Colorado

March 24, 2015

Vail, Colorado is not like Paris, New York, Hawaii, Barcelona or Puerto Rico. But this alpine village has something amazing to offer that many people don’t know: exciting outdoor activities. Whether the weather is cool Read More

The Perks of Living in Koh Samui

August 14, 2014

Koh Samui or simply Samui is one of Thailand’s most charming islands. Interestingly, there is a large number of expat retirees purchasing properties on the island. Other than escaping from the high real estate taxes Read More

Business Beyond Borders: Tips for Corporate Travellers

December 4, 2013

Virtual blackboards and video conferencing may have changed how businesses operate. Corporate travelling, however, still remains. Face-to-face meetings through corporate travels improve communication and allow better business results. Here are a few essentials to make Read More

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