Child Custody Issues: How to Deal with a Difficult Ex-Spouse

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When trying to deal with a difficult or aggressive ex-spouse during a child custody dispute, it’s immensely crucial that you don’t stoop to his or her level. But it’s equally important that you stand your ground. A child custody lawyer in Kent shares these practical tips to cope during this very delicate and emotionally charged time.

Set specific boundaries.

For example, set limits on when you could meet up and when you could text or answer your phone. When you do have to meet, always meet in a public location. Likewise, make it clear to your ex that your conversations should only revolve around issues about the dispute or your children and nothing else.

Be self-aware at all times.

Remember that you can’t control how your ex behaves, but you can certainly control your reaction to a situation. This is especially true if your ex is self-centered, manipulative, and used to people always giving him or her what he or she wants.

Learn when to compromise and when to stand your ground.

You wouldn’t want to be a doormat, but you also wouldn’t want every little issue to blow up that you get tired and just say yes to what your ex wants. But you could proactively offer to compromise on something that your ex reasonably wants but won’t really cost you more than what you are willing to let go.

You could consider requesting for a restraining order if you feel that you and your kids’ safety might be compromised. But note that you should never exaggerate your circumstances just to get the restraining order because this would only backfire on you.

Keep in mind that interactions with your ex, however stressful and draining they are, are important to maintain his or her continued relationship with your kids, so try your best and be a great role model to your children.