Should You Choose a Split System over Window ACs?

air conditioning unit

air conditioning unitAir conditioning systems are now commonplace in homes all over the world. With summers heating up to unprecedented levels, no one likes to be in a room without a functioning AC. Many homes choose between two types of air conditioning systems:

  1. Window Air Conditioning
  2. Split Air Conditioning Systems

Between the two, the latter is rapidly becoming popular as it offers several unique advantages.

Professional installation

You will rarely ever have to install it yourself. Most split AC system vendors like will do the hard work for you. They plan the installation, take measurements, and you simply have to wait until your system is fully working.

Low maintenance

In addition, the split AC systems are low on maintenance as they only require cleaning from time to time. Moreover, these cooling units contain washable filters, which mean that you can clean the filter yourself. Even the outdoor unit requires minimal maintenance, and your vendor can either help or instruct you.

Other benefits

Some other important benefits of the split AC system are:

  • Very quiet, making it an effective way to minimise ambient noises at home.
  • Easy to use, and can adjust temperatures in your room quickly and efficiently.
  • Very cost effective, as modern units come with energy saving features.
  • No need to get out of bed; most split AC systems come with a remote.

Finally, the split AC is far more aesthetic in its design, rather than being clunky like the window AC. Indeed, the latest models have minimalist designs that do not even look like air conditioning units once you place them on the wall. It will be easy to work around it should you decide to make some renovations to the room.

Given these benefits, it comes as little surprise to find that split ACs find their way into almost every home today.

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