Choosing an Engagement Ring: Know the Trends

Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring in Utah

Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring in UtahYou’re planning to propose, and you’re still looking for a perfect engagement ring for your significant other. You know very little about about women’s jewelry and, of course, you can’t ask for her help. You don’t want to ruin your own sweet surprise, do you? Well, you should first look for reputable jewelers. Make a list of the stores you can visit to scout for pieces that suit your taste and budget.

To at least give you an idea about which type of design to look for, here are some engagement ring trends offered by reputable jewelers in Utah:

Rose Gold

This is a safe choice. First off, its feminine shade definitely fits all brides-to-be. Second, it flatters any skin tone so it should be a good bet for your fiancée.

Three-Stone Settings

Would you like to add story to her engagement ring? If so, a trilogy ring would be a great choice. It has three diamonds that often symbolizes the past, present, and future. Obviously, you may associate them to some significant parts of your love story and to the truth that you are looking forward to spend the future with her.


Does she love the outdoors? If yes, you may opt for something with a touch of nature. She will probably love those that contain buds, leaves, or other naturalistic designs.

Ring Pops

Ever heard of rings that contain notes inside? You may opt for one if you want to go extra sweet.

Non-Traditional Designs

These days, numerous people prefer non-traditional designs. If you and your bride-to-be are among them, you may want to give her something that would represent her unique personality. You may choose custom designs; for instance, colored gemstones or rose cut diamonds.

These are just some of the numerous engagement ring trends. Feel free to do more research to make sure you’re picking the best choice. While you can’t wait to ask her the question, you should first make the effort to choose a ring that speaks of the speacial occasion you’re planning.