Clean Water from the Sewage System

waste water treatment system

The majority of the human body is made up of water. Also, a more than seventy-five percent (75%) of the planet Earth is made up of water. Undeniably, water plays a vital role in sustaining life on this planet. It is an essential need for survival for almost all living things.

With the importance that water plays in our daily lives, it is hard to understand why people pollute water sources. The common reasons or excuses major pollutants raise are poverty and lack of education. Though these are not valid excuses, government agencies and environmental groups have pushed for the improvement of sewage systems. According to these groups, having a good sewage system can help in the conservation of water.

How it Works

The basic concept of sewage systems like is the recycling of used water. However, the process is not a basic one as the water goes through many stages before being used again.

The system starts when households or industrial factories use clean water in their daily operations. Houses and factories are generally designed with plumbing that leads to sewage pipes. Used water flows through these sewage pipes and is coursed through a wastewater facility.

In the wastewater facility, the water is treated with chemicals to clean the water and are either subject to the pumping system or natural aeration. Once the water has been cleaned it is again circulated to houses and factories for use.

The wastes which have been taken from the water are disposed either in landfills or made into compost.

Concerted Efforts

Though the sewage systems exist in our modern society, everyone needs to contribute to the conservation of water. Just the simple closing of the tap when the water is not being used greatly help in the conservation of water.

The sewage system and the processes involved in it are truly wonders of modern society. It helps keep cities clean. It protects both people and the environment. Indeed, government agencies should continue to push for the improvement of these systems across the globe.