Clear as Day: The Efficiency of Invisalign

Dentist in UKInvisalign, as custom-made and clear aligners, serves to gradually shift your teeth in a gentle manner. The treatment works by moving your teeth into its proper places within nine to eighteen months. During this period, you will have to wear the smooth, thermoplastic aligners for at least 20 hours a day. With every appointment with your dentist or orthodontist, you will have a new tray to use as the treatment progresses.

MiSmile, a network composed of over 40 independent dental practitioners in the U.K., discusses the efficiency of Invisalign. The aligners fix the teeth in a controlled manner. This involves the amount of every movement per aligner, and in particular, the timing of each movement. This means that at every stage of the treatment, there are specific teeth moving at each phase.

Evidence of Efficiency: Real People

Patients who have undergone the orthodontic treatment attest to its genuine benefits. Kerry Price, former Miss Birmingham, describes how massive of an impact Invisalign has had on her life. It improved her confidence. And in addition, she says that the best part of the treatment is its convenience. Whilst John Comerford, a businessman, says that Invisalign has helped him improve his public speaking skills.

Determining Purpose

In recognising Invisalign’s primary use, an individual can determine its efficiency. Apart from bettering functionality and aesthetics, what is the purpose of getting Invisalign? Innumerable studies have shown how straight teeth play an impactful role in public perception.

One in three people will take notice of a person’s teeth. To make a good first impression, having straight teeth and an attractive smile is crucial. This directly correlates to recall. Forty-eight percent of people remember a person’s smile — it is the most memorable feature after meeting someone for the first time.

The aforementioned statistics can affect your professional and personal life. From acing a job interview to getting a second date, having straight teeth raises your chances. Invisalign’s efficiency lies in its two main features. It is discreet and removable, which makes it a convenient yet effective choice.