Construction 101: The Types of Diggers You Can Use

Excavator Machine

Excavator MachineAside from looking like a Transformers robot, different kinds of machinery are responsible for the success and completion of any building construction. More often than not, people encounter these on a regular basis without knowing what they are.

A construction project uses different kinds of machinery, and the most visible one is an excavator. Also known as diggers, these machines are often rented and used for excavating the soil and loading different materials.

  1. Crawler

Crawler excavators have a chain wheel system, meaning they run on two endless tracks. These are usually used in steep and hilly areas where sliding is at risk. A crawler is also used in areas where the soil is weak. Crawlers put lesser pressure on the ground by spreading the load over a large area.

  1. Wheeled

The function of a crawler and a wheeled excavator are the same. However, wheeled excavators are generally used for ground construction where the ground is paved. Though it moves faster than a crawler does because it has wheels, using it in hilly or steep slopes is not ideal due to its low grip to the ground.

  1. Backhoe

This machine has the hoe at the back and the loader bucket in front of the vehicle. This makes it able to perform two operations (i.e. digging and loading/lifting) simultaneously. Backhoes are becoming a popular choice of equipment because of its small size and versatility.

  1. Bulldozer

Bulldozer comes in both wheeled and tracked from making it a good choice for both strong and weak grounds. It has a hard steel plate with a sharp edge at its front to cut and excavate the soil.

If you plan to have a career in engineering, or simply have a curious mind, the above-mentioned machinery are some of the most common you’ll see. They may all look the same at one glance, but they have their respective and unique functions.