Crooked Teeth: Are They Holding You Back?

Dentist explaining oral condition

Even if you have a good oral hygiene, crooked teeth cannot stop other people from making negative comments about your smile or your personality. Regardless of your age or the condition of your mouth, misaligned teeth can affect your life in many ways you can’t imagine. Your self-esteem is mostly affected, as having bad teeth is considered inferior, unattractive, and unhealthy.

This makes it important to keep an eye on the growth and development of adult teeth, especially in younger years. Dentists track the growth and formation of permanent teeth to make sure that they’re healthy and emerging in the right place. If the teeth are misaligned, childhood or early teenage years are the perfect time to wear corrective measures like braces.

Better in Younger Years

Orthodontic clinics in West Jordan note that it’s a lot easier to fix crooked teeth in kids, as the mouth is still growing and the tissues are more flexible. The best time to fix teeth is before the start of adolescence, as this the period where appearance means everything to them. Having imperfect of misaligned teeth can result in not just low self-esteem, but also social and emotional problems.

Braces at Any Age

While dental braces are more common in kids and teens, there’s actually no age limit for having an orthodontic treatment. You can wear braces to straighten your smile and improve your health and wellbeing. There may be pain and some challenges when wearing them, but they’re all worth it because of the results. You will be rewarded with a smile that is straight, healthy, and strong.

There are Discreet Options

The good news is you also have a number of options when choosing braces. If you don’t want the traditional metal wires and brackets, you can go with ceramic braces or Invisalign. The latter is made of removable plastic aligners, which lets you straighten your smile without others noticing. The virtually invisible aligners are a great option if you’re image conscious.

Don’t let crooked teeth hold you back. Visit an orthodontic clinic today and find out how braces can improve your overall health and quality of life.