Dealing with Your Enemy: Do Not Be Sucked into a Mean Vortex

Restraining Order in Perth

Restraining Order in PerthLife should be fun. It should be about achievements, no matter how big or little, communal or personal. It should be about making yourself feel great, but not at the expense of other people. It should be about helping and accepting help.

But, life is not known to be fair all the time. Every person is different; sometimes, you can’t help but disagree with someone. The problem is if that someone becomes your lifelong enemy. You’ll probably spend a long time being miserable, worried or even alarmed, depending on what that person is capable of doing.

Here are some pointers to help you out:

Ignore them

You don’t have to be worried about somebody who only does things to annoy you. The best way to retaliate is by doing nothing at all. Ignore them. It’s just like an annoying texter who won’t stop until you ignore them and never reply to whatever they text. Get out of your enemy’s way if you can. Don’t pay attention to whatever they say or do, unless they put you in danger.

Call a lawyer

If the other person does put you in danger, or if you have a suspicion that they might, talk to your lawyer and get some legal advice. Perth is a big city; you can find lawyers who are willing to give you counsel on what you’re supposed to do in your situation. Your other option is to tell the police if that person crosses the line, makes threats to you or your family, and generally does things that make your life difficult. You may even file restraining orders against that person. As explains, “Restraining orders necessarily restrict the liberty of the person bound by the order, and have serious consequences if breached…”

Stop thinking of them as your enemy

This is related to ignoring them. If you can’t ignore them completely — such as when you work with them or share a school with them, or if they’re your neighbour — then stop thinking of them as your enemy. If they do something to upset you, smile and walk away. If they’re not the type you can reason with, what’s the point? If you treat them with genuine kindness, they’ll be surprised; eventually, the fun of trying to make you miserable will lose its appeal and they’ll leave you alone.

Do not let people be a hindrance to your happiness. As they say, you should not waste time on people who are only out to ruin your life.