Dental Implants: How they are better than Dentures

dental patientWorld class dental implants have proven to be a better choice in replacing missing teeth, when compared to regular dentures. Dental implants enhance facial aesthetics in a number of ways, such as these examples:

  • Implants look like your own natural teeth because they integrate into the bone structure and also prevent gum recession and bone loss that often comes with dentures. In fact, they fit in so well that it is almost impossible to make out that they have been implanted.
  • With dental implants, valuable adjacent teeth are saved which normally does not happen in the case of bridges or dentures, which generally alter neighbouring teeth in order to support them.
  • Your natural teeth are untouched by dental implants which has a benefit in the long run particularly in the maintenance of overall oral health.
  • Unlike dentures, implants allow you to eat and speak with the same comfort as natural teeth, and they eliminate the bothersome wobbles and clicks normally associated with dentures. This also removes the risk of misplaced dentures and having to use messy glues and pastes.
  • Natural-looking implants have a success rate ranging from 92 to 98 percent, depending on the overall condition of your teeth.
  • Ever since the introduction of dental implant technology, a single tooth can be easily replaced without affecting your neighbouring teeth. This proves to be a distinct advantage over a fixed bridge supported by another tooth.
  • A dental implant replaces the root of your tooth and this results in the gum bone being preserved better as implants integrate better with the bone. With dentures, some bone previously surrounding the tooth may begin to deteriorate.
  • For long term use, an implant is easier to clean with regular brushing, as opposed to using a denture cleaner. Gums are also likely to recede around a denture, resulting in quite a visible defect as the denture’s collar or metal base becomes exposed.
  • The deteriorated bone under a denture is a breeding ground for bacteria and this leads to further dental decay. Dentures supported by implants are definitely more comfortable than traditional dentures and surely allow you to bite and chew more naturally.

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