Effective Strategies to Beat DUI

Mouth Alcohol

Mouth AlcoholBeing arrested for a DUI offense can be daunting because of its costly consequences. The thought of losing your driving privileges is scary enough, but getting involved in an accident and being accused as responsible for the incident could mean graver penalties.

Fortunately, DUI is never unbeatable in Chicago; there is always a way to prove your innocence, or have your case dismissed. Guilty or not, what matters after your arrest is to make your side of the story more believable. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney in the city of Springfield, IL may help explore different angles, look for holes in the prosecutor’s case, and take on its weak points.

Here are some of the most successful strategies that can become useful for your defense:

Rising BAC

Unlawful is having an excessive amount of alcohol in your system while you are driving, but not when being tested—this is the premise of a rising blood alcohol defense. As alcohol may take some time before your body completely absorbs it, it is possible your BAC is higher when you were pulled over than you were behind the wheel.

Mouth Alcohol

The testing equipment police uses is designed to get a sample of alveolar air—the breath coming from your deep lung tissue. Residual alcohol can stay in your mouth by burping and suffering from heartburn or acid reflux among others. The fact that the instrument could say you exceeded the legal BAC limit for other reasons means that you could argue the reading was wrong.

Police Misconduct

Even if you were really driving under the influence, you may have the case dismissed if the office demonstrated misconduct. Whether the DUI report was inaccurate or the police did not comply with all the necessary procedures, you may walk away with reduced or no charges at all. Besides, police misconduct has been a hot-button issue lately.

A DUI case is never lost without conviction, but simply pleading guilty without seeking advice from a lawyer and putting up an aggressive defense is no different from asking for own your defeat.

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