Eight Things that Only Car Enthusiasts Will Understand

Classic cars in a row

For some, a car is just a machine that takes you from point A to point B. To passionate car enthusiasts, a car is a thing of beauty that must be cherished and cared for like a friend. Don’t get it? Here are eight things that only car lovers will understand:

1. Caring for Cars

Only car lovers will realise how utterly essential it is to send their “baby” to a Volkswagen repair shop because it’s “sick.”

2. The Smell of Fuel

A new car’s smell is something that a lot of people love, but the smell of fuel is one that puts off most but sends chills down the spine of car lovers.

3. Driving Manual

While the casual driver will usually choose automatic to save them from the terrors of the clutch, car lovers won’t even entertain the question. It’s manual all the way.

4. Names for Cars

The car is alive. It is a person. That’s why it has a name.

5. Hours under the Hood

Anybody who knows a car lover will attest to seeing them spend hours working on something under the hood. It’s not even repairing something because even when there’s nothing broken, they will still be under the hood or the car tinkering on the machine on any given Sunday.

6. Cars in Movies

Car lovers rejoice whenever there’s a movie with a car chase in the trailer. The Fast and the Furious franchise has made billions out of car enthusiasts, and car lovers are happy to pay.

7. Holding on to Cars

An old raggedy vehicle is like a candy store to car lovers. Bringing a car to life is like climbing Mount Everest.

8. Strong Car Opinions

Every car enthusiast feels passionate about a particular carmaker. Sometimes it’s about the debate between Japanese, European and American cars. Whatever it is, they hold strong opinions on all car matters.

Only car lovers will relate to these eight things. Everybody knows at least one car lover and can attest to these things. Do you have anything to add?