Enjoy Cycling? Why You’ll Love Spin Class

people in a fintness center

Everyone loves to ride a bicycle outside when the weather is nice. But why not try other good exercises like indoor cycling? It has become popular today because of its convenience and many benefits. Even fitness experts online such as TORQ and Joe Dowdell recommend it; they believe it’s a great way to keep the heart healthy and body in shape.

people in a fintness center

Here’s why these fitness experts think you will love spin class:

Experience a full-body exercise

Spinning classes is not just an average workout. It’s becoming more and more popular because it’s not just great for your legs. Instructors have different methods to give you a total-body burn, so expect to use weights in this class. The complex moves of spinning put your entire body to work, giving you a challenge.

Be in control With indoor cycling, you control your speed; it can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. It’s ideal for everyone, from beginner to pros. You can choose the advanced level to burn more calories in less time.

Enjoy a team spirit

Sometimes it’s great to go cycling alone to relieve stress and clear your thoughts. But indoor cycling is more fun when you have friends to enjoy the activity with. If you enrolled for an hour class, you wouldn’t even notice the time flying by because you’re enjoying it with your peers.

If you haven’t decided yet if a spinning class is the way you want to go to stay fit, it’s probably about time to look around. From experienced instructors to friends and motivating music, spinning classes are all about entertaining and having a great time.