For Home Security, the Best Defense is the Best Offense

Home Security SystemFew crimes can equal the traumatizing effects of a home invasion. Things can get even worse when rape — or murder — is involved. For your abode, the latest in-house security technology is a worthy investment.

Not only do burglars shun homes with an alarm system, they flee the moment an alarm triggers, research shows. AvantGuard Monitoring Centers says with the help of central station alarm monitoring companies, you increase your home security as they function even when you’re miles away.

Finding the Easy Way In

A research done by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology revealed burglars do their homework before they hit a target. Specifically, the study pointed out these unscrupulous characters determine if a planned abode has an alarm system before they push through with the crime.

These findings have been reinforced by further research on convicted felons, who said they struck homes with alarm systems off their target list. And they’d immediately scramble outside for safety once an alarm goes off.

That should give everyone a useful hint on how to avoid a crime that has left roughly 2.5 million invaded homes and thousands of endangered lives each year.

Preparing the Home

As research has shown, putting on those safety cameras and surveillance systems can be a lifesaver. When you make a thief work doubly hard to get on with his evil plans, he’d most probably bypass your address.

Central station alarm monitoring companies can solve your problems in one fell swoop. With their 24/7 monitoring, you rest easy knowing someone’s keeping your home safe. Even when you’re away, these experts can coordinate swift responses to avert an invasion.

It’s imperative you equip your home. Most burglars are not professional thieves and are more desperate and dangerous. They could be anyone in the neighborhood who just wants the money to support a growing drug habit.

You could be hit when you least expect it. A centralized alarm system is your best bet as it puts your guard up, always.