Get Rid of Work Related Injuries with the Take 5 Checklist


employeesThe Take 5 checklist helps both employees and contractors. It allows them to work on external worksites without the risk of injury. Personnel can use the checklist to carry out an external assignment, while supervisors can communicate their instructions at any times. The checklist helps users recognise once the circumstances or conditions change during a job.

The Take 5 checklist makes users aware of their environment at any point in time, and aids in identifying and controlling immediate hazards in daily work. Australia has one of the highest safety standards in the world, and has the legal process to back it up. Employers would rather spend more money than risk an even costlier legal battle. The hazards that the Take 5 checklist helps avoid include:

• Worn out or inappropriate tools for a job.
• Damaged, worn out, or obsolete PPE
• Potential for trips, slips, or falls
• Poor or inadequate housekeeping
• Protruding, or dropped sharp objects
• Damaged, or worn out electrical cables/leads
• Non-tested equipment
• Inadequate precautions for height safety
• Stiff valves

Industry specialist adds that the checklist can help with:

• Allowing the users to learn how to scan the environment while, identifying objects that might hurt workers.
• Looking for hazards in terms of machinery trips, and assorted protrusions.
• Avoiding and controlling potential hazards after they have been identified.
• Scanning the work site, and identifying any changes from the set standards.

The checklist is a safety guideline for the workplace that teaches its users to keep their eyes and ears open. It helps prevent injuries both minor and major. The process helps increase productivity, reduces lost work time, and applies to every industry.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and in the case of work related injuries, it does not cost as much either. Make the ideal move and invest in the well-being of workers.

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