What Does Google’s New Pigeon Update Mean for Small Businesses?


GoogleIt is a known fact that a strong online presence and a sound online marketing strategy should be in place for all companies to be successful. To achieve this, very effective SEO services are imperative for all businesses today, regardless of whether it is a small operation or major conglomerate.

Digital marketing and other small business SEO services help your website rank higher on the landing pages of major search engines, the most important of which is Google. This search engine updates its search algorithms regularly, for any recently launched one nicknamed ‘Pigeon’. Like its predecessors, this one is bound to affect the results of local search operations.

The Intent of the New Algorithm

• Pigeon was designed to basically improve the location and distance ranking considerations. The update aims to review the distance and location parameters so that the search itself is more relevant.
• The algorithm aims to enhance its web search abilities, which includes a host of features such as spelling correction, synonyms, and knowledge graph.
• This will affect the ranking capabilities of your website substantially, only when it comes to localised search operations. The update has moved the search engine towards a hyperlocal search.
• Smaller companies need not necessarily panic after this update. If your website currently ranks well due to popular search terms or relevant keywords, then there is not much cause for concern.
• Remember, though, that local results are very important for success, as the queries are now more geo-targeted than they were. This implies that your website might not appear in the local search as it used to in the past. It also means, though, that the relevance of potential customers looking for you will increase, bringing in more targeted traffic.

As an owner of a small company, you can create a dedicated Google+ page for your brand. This is highly recommended as this will help you appear both in the carousel and local search results. Ensure that your web pages are fully updated and completely verified. This will help you benefit from all the qualified leads coming from the local results, too.

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