Guidelines for Safe and Responsible Storage of Fertilizer Compounds

Storage for fertilizers

Fertilizers contain chemical compounds that require proper handling and management. Otherwise, the people around may be exposed to health risk. Moreover, chemical compounds may contaminate surface water, and even reach ground water. Therefore, people who own significant amounts of fertilizer on their property must give extra care and attention.

Minimizing risks

Primary and secondary containment procedures must be in place to maintain good water quality in the area. Proper storage guidelines and emergency preparedness procedures must be familiar to everyone involved in handling the compounds to minimize the risks. Aside from contamination, fire is another hazard, so fire suppression measures should be in place.


It is not enough to store fertilizers in the correct type of container. Other significant parameters are ventilation and temperature control. Mechanical ventilation should be adequate, and heat sources must be in locations that are nowhere near the containment area. Direct sources of heat such as the sun, furnaces, and hot pipes should be located far enough. When possible, digital temperature control is ideal.

In the usage of an above ground fertilizer tank for liquid applications, maintenance of the valves and pipework is a key task and must be part of the routine. A suitably qualified technician from companies like Heartland Tank Services must be the one to perform the inspection.


Storage of fertilizers must be systematic. Record keeping is essential. Information such as formulation, concentration, and location of the application must be available to all who have access to the containment area. The storage area must have the appropriate signage and labels. Everyone who uses the compounds should have direct access to record keeping and monitoring procedures.

An environmental risk assessment is part of the preparatory activities for correct fertilizer storage and management. Reduce the risks by preparing the area adequately, and follow current regulations without reservation.