Have a De-Cluttered and Space-Saving Garden in Your Small Home

Small House

Small House If you insist on having a garden in your new house design even if you have very limited lot space, don’t fear.

Experts from Urbanhomes.com.au say that you can maximise the potential of your small block. This can be done with a little bit of creativity and a few pointers on space-saving techniques. Here are three very effective ways for you to de-clutter and save space in your small garden.

Different Levels – If you plan to have a lot of plants, flowers, and herbs, but have too little space in your garden, consider levelling them. Build a tall planter with different tiers for different plants, with the long, drooping ones at the very top and the smaller flowers at the bottom. Tall planters are excellent ways of displaying your garden and they make it easier to water the plants as well. This technique works well for narrow lot house plans and small gardens.

Rotation – The serial gardener will always have something to fuss over through the seasons, but not all plants will survive intense heat or frigid colds. If your garden is small and you don’t want to see an empty garden, especially when it’s closed off from the elements like a hothouse, try and rotate your plants every season or whenever one kind won’t survive the coming months. Check online for various herbs and flowers that you can order per quarter.

Go Zen – A Zen garden is a unique way of taking away all the clutter in your lawn. How? Well, the practice of Zen is the practice of emptiness and space, so instead of worrying over falling leaves, pests, and fertiliser, create a garden composed entirely of stones, boulders, and super low maintenance plants like the bamboo. This kind of garden can create your own peaceful and personal space in Brisbane after a tiring and stressful day’s work.

Decluttering and saving space is the ally of narrow lot houses. It’s best that you use more than one suggestion from this list when finalising your plans with the house builder. Look forward to enjoying your new garden (no matter how small) and your home.