Have a European Winter Holiday

Winter HolidayThe festive season is fast approaching and, if you and your family are thinking of travelling elsewhere to spend it, you may want to opt for a European winter holiday. While it feels great to stay close to home during the Christmas season, a trip to other parts of the world with your loved ones can give you an amazing experience.

Europe has many picturesque resorts and a lot of recreational options everyone can enjoy. If you are wondering how to start making your itinerary, here is a list of ideas for your European getaway.

Ski Holiday in France

A ski trip in Val D’Isère, France, will let you have a unique adventure. Val d’Isère has three main villages and is surrounded by ski chalets and hotels that are specially made to accommodate tourists during the winter season. Your children will have a wonderful time looking at and playing in the snow. You may want them to join you as you slowly ski down the slopes, too.

Several ski chalets in the area include facilities such as pools, restaurants and clubs. When you want to take a break, you may decide to have a warm dip in one of the pools or eat a fancy meal at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Sunny Getaway in Greece

If you and your family are not too excited about spending Christmas in a winter wonderland, then you may want to catch some sunshine in Crete. Greece’s largest and most populated island promises perfect views of the clear waters of the Mediterranean. Temperatures stay well above 15 degrees Celsius, so expect a trip that has just the right amount of sunlight and cosiness.

Locals from Crete love to hike and bike around the mountainous countryside, so you can meet new faces while engaging in the activities yourself. You can also visit several historic sites such as churches, and maybe attend a holiday mass while you are there.

These are just two unique ideas for a European holiday. Try them out, and have an adventurous and joyful holiday season.