Hidden Baby Health Hazards in Your Home

Baby HealthThe well-being of your family is important, and there is no better time to implement this than when you have a small toddler at home. Your child’s curiosity is exciting, but it can be dangerous when you cannot keep up with his exploration around the house. This is why it’s important to know the hazards to prevent accidents.

Here are some of them:

Hard candy

Candy can be a cause of choking for your baby. When your toddler runs around with a hard candy in their mouth, the risk of choking is high. It is important for you to know how to perform appropriate rescue tactics such as Heimlich maneuver if your child chokes.

Prescription drugs

Doctors recommend that medication should be kept out of the reach of children, and there is a reason for that. Whether or not a medicine package is labeled `childproof’, do not leave it in the way of your child. Keep all drugs securely closed and stored away to prevent unintentional poisoning after accidental ingestion.

Open space

It is so difficult to beat the curiosity of growing toddlers. With expandable baby gates, you are able to restrict how much your child explores. Buy a baby gate according to your youngster’s height, so that your kid will not be able to climb over. The enclosure also needs to be secure and stable to avoid toppling over when your baby attempts to climb over it.

Falling televisions

Set up wall anchoring devices to prevent televisions from tipping. If you have a traditional set that is not possible to fix on the wall, place it on a low, sturdy base and push it back as far as possible. Avoid placing items on top of the set as they can fall on the toddler. A curious toddler can also attempt to reach for items left on the TV set, crashing it into pieces.

Babies are constantly evolving, and you want your child to grow up with the freedom that comes from being healthy and active. Because you want your home to have a safe environment, it is okay to regularly update yourself with baby-proofing hacks.