How and Why Print Ads Still Work

Advertisement on taxi's roof

While the emergence of digital marketing has had an effect on the popularity of print media, traditional brochures, posters and print ads will not disappear in the face of advertising. In the United States, the number of magazine readers rose from 210 million in 2012 to over 220 million in 2016. In addition, more than 50% of the customers in brick and mortar stores admit that outdoor and indoor signs have drawn them to the business and to the product.

Printing still works as long as you design and invest wisely. A trusted provider of sign franchises for sale shares some of the ways to increase brand recognition and sales through the smart use of print media:

Know your customer

Any successful business should have a clear picture of its target customers. Why do they need the product? Which colours are they drawn to? Where do they go? In 2009, Dell made an assumption that if you want to sell to women, you need to “make it pink.” Such a sweeping generalisation wasted company dollars and time. More market research should go into creating a print ad.

Be value-centric

Absolute made a bold statement supporting the legalisation of gay marriage with its “Kiss with Pride” campaign. Using your brand to promote strongly held company values helps your business develop strong emotional connections with its market.

Invest in print quality

Poor quality printing will lead your customers to believe that you are selling poor quality products. You may either invest in your own sign printing franchise business or hire a printing company.

Brands that only advertise online crowd the digital platforms. They are often too overwhelming to be truly visible. Even though advertising online is cost effective and does work, it has yet to hold the same credibility as print media. The current buying habits of global customers remain encouraging for entrepreneurs looking for sign franchises for sale. The key to being successful is designing your print ads carefully and strategically.