How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Child in Colorado?

Adoption Paper Approved

The cost of becoming a foster parent in Colorado through a private agency cost between $1,800 and $3,500 for adoption licensing services.

Some agencies may charge a higher or lower rate depending on the circumstances of your adoption. In some cases, you should consider consulting with a family law attorney in Colorado Springs, CO if you intend to adopt a child from that area.

Private Adoption

Aspiring foster parents should work with a private agency when they want to adopt someone who is below five years old. On the other hand, the costs of working with a county agency would depend on the child’s age and their availability.

Whether or not you choose to adopt through a private agency, your home will be subject to review and determine your capability of raising a child. The validity of a completed home study lasts for a year, and you may inquire about adopting children from anywhere in the country. By planning to adopt, you’re doing Colorado a favor since the state has a shortage of foster parents.

Preventive Measures

A lack of information about children who are up for adoption serves as one reason some people adopt them for a short time. For instance, some parents only find out about a child’s medical condition after taking them into their homes.

The state currently needs around 1,200 more foster parents, so lawmakers have worked on a bill that would let interested parties check a person’s medical and educational background. This would allow them to learn all of what needs to be known about their potential foster child.

Foster care has been the solution for many childless couples, but it requires thorough evaluation from your end and the adoption agency. You should think about hiring a lawyer as a way to make sure that your plan to adopt a child violates no certain laws.