How Much Does It Cost to Pay For Child Support in Washington?

child scared because of her parents and the lawyer talking about divorce

An analysis showed that the annual cost of child support in Washington State is 84.3% higher than the reasonable amount of $15,170.

Paying spouses provide almost $28,000 per year, which is three times more than the amount in Alabama, according to an Analyze My Divorce Settlement (AMDS) calculation. If you filed for divorce in Washington State, a divorce lawyer in Lynnwood may help you determine if you would have to provide financial assistance to your spouse.

Yearly Rates

While child support is expensive in Washington, those in Connecticut spend the most at $38,371.70 per year. The annual cost of child support in the state is nearly 153% more than the reasonable amount, followed by 98.3% in Colorado at $30,084. Even the national average of around $17,670 is 16.5% more expensive than the appropriate figure.

Those in Maryland pay the lowest annual child support at $9,696, which is 36.1% lower than the appropriate amount based on the AMDS data. Courts partly determine the amount of child support based on each spouse’s income level. In some cases, a judge may order either you or your spouse to support your child’s post-secondary education.

Higher Education

In Washington State, many divorce cases have included post-secondary financial support that provides for tuition fees, student accommodation, health insurance, and other miscellaneous costs. A child should be financially and legally independent in most cases before you can free yourself from providing financial support.

Courts still have the authority and power to revive its ruling on child support payments. However, the state law generally allows parents to stop providing financial aid once a child becomes 23 years old.

Whether you’re paying child support, it’s essential to consult a lawyer to find out the right amount that your child should receive as part of the divorce settlement. How much are you willing to spend on child support?