How Much Should You Spend on Clearing Your Criminal Records?

You could legally request the court to seal some types of criminal records with the help of an attorney, which may cost between $400 and $1,000 for erasing a single criminal case.

If you live in Utah, consider a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense in Provo when seeking an expungement of your records. Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law also suggests taking note that the cost of the entire process will depend on the nature of the crime, the number of cases and court filing fees.

Expungement vs. Sealing

The cost of court filing fees for expunging your records may range between $100 and $400. Some cases may require you to spend if it involves a lot of paperwork or research. In Colorado, only juveniles can apply for destroying their criminal records.

On the other hand, the state only allows adults to seal their criminal records. This would only prevent the general public from freely accessing these files. The good news, however, involves the state permitting both misdemeanors and felonies to be sealed unlike in other states.

Eligibility Requirements

Adults may seal their criminal history by filing a petition after all charges have been dismissed. Those acquitted may also do the same, or in case an arrest record exists yet no one filed charges against them.

It costs around $225 in filing fees for sealing adult records in the state, while juveniles need to pay $20 per document. Third-parties may not gain access to the sealed records without a court order.

Most adults want this benefit when seeking employment, as they can legally declare that they have no existing record after successfully sealing their criminal history.

While you can file for expungement yourself, it’s better to hire a lawyer who likely knows more about the system. Knowledge about the different processes is different from years of experience, so legal counsel should trump the need to save money.