How to Make the Most of Your Customer’s In-Store Shopping

woman doing grocery shopping

Shopping used to be a simple straight-line journey that included elements of familiarity, awareness, and consideration. These days, however, it has become a web of interwoven arrows moving in different directions.

Online marketing is now a factor that immensely influences a consumer’s purchasing decisions throughout the process. When combined with effective in-store advertising, retailers can attract customers and stand out among their competitors.

To help you with this, experts from shares tips when deploying point of purchase displays.

Make the products easy to pick up

POP displays can come in the form of various shelf units, signage, floor mats, or stickers. While all can be effective, it is best to display the products in a way that easy for customers to grab and go, instead of searching it in the aisles.

You could also deploy stickers or floor mat to lead them to complimentary products to the ones displayed.

Understand your market’s preferences

Whether you are trying to reach older men or young females, it is important to keep your audience in mind when designing your display shelving and other marketing elements. From fonts and colours to videos or graphics, look up the things that can catch your target’s attention.

Demonstrate your products

You do not need to deploy additional staff for a live demonstration. You can do this via interactive screen or through photos, and post them right beside the products. The demos should be short, engaging, and easy to follow. Make it instantly clear why they should purchase the products.

Online shopping has become a big hit, but a majority of consumers still choose to go to physical stores. Remember that marketing does not stop at the store door. Engage customers as they browse the aisles, and mix in-store efforts with traditional and online means to increase your sales and profitability.