How to Talk to Senior Parents About the Future

Planning Senior Care for your loved ones

Planning Senior Care for your loved onesAs their child, you only want the best for your parents. They’ve spent a good chunk of their lives caring for you and looking after your needs. Now, it’s your turn. It’s easy for aging parents to forget to plan for their future and the things that come with it. It’s up to you to open up the discussion. Here are some helpful tips:

While you can’t stop the future, there’s a reason why aging parents shy away from discussing anything related to the future. To open the subject, you must be mindful of the timing. Discussing options like assisted living in Weber County or home care might be difficult for them. The key is to avoid making a big deal out of the conversation. Casually schedule a time for some coffee or tea and be prepared to open the topic gently.

Starting the conversation can be difficult, but it might help to use a friend or a family member’s positive experience with senior care as a conversation starter.

Ask for Their Goals

The truth is that your goals for them might be different from their goals for themselves. Ask them what their ideal living situation looks like. Steer them away from unrealistic expectations, but make sure that you understand what aging successfully means to them. When you ask, listen intently. Give them the time to flesh out their points and their vision. It can be something that they’ve never thought of before. Be patient.

Put Their Feelings First

No matter how rosy you paint the future, it’s still a scary time for them and the whole family. Going into their twilight years can be a difficult emotional journey. Whatever steps you take, make sure to consider their feelings. Be honest when something they want is unrealistic, but always be kind and gentle in the delivery. Having a problem-solving mindset will help

These are just three things that you can do before you open the subject of the future with your elderly parents. It’s a tough conversation that needs to happen. All the best!