Ideas for Your Home’s Sunroom

house with a sunroom

A sunroom is a great addition to any home. It lets natural light into your home and provides a connection to the outdoors while protecting you from pests and bad weather. Sunrooms don’t just have to be drab or laden with leftover furniture. Here are some ideas for sunrooms.

Adding greenery

Decorating your sunroom with houseplants is more than just trendy or aesthetically pleasing. Plants contribute to people’s overall health and well-being. Studies show that looking at plants reduces stress and rests our eyes. Some indoor plants rid the air of volatile compounds such as ozone and formaldehyde, purifying the air and improving occupants’ health.

There aren’t hard and fast rules on choosing plants for your patio, but top Australian designer Julia Green recommends selecting different types of plants with different colours and textures to add visual variety.

Extending living space

Another way to design your sunroom is to convert the area into an extension of your living room. Ideally, your sunroom floor should match the flooring of your living and dining spaces to create one uniform look. Using ceramic tile, hardwood or terra cotta will help make your sunroom’s look more seamless. Choose seats, tables and case furnishings from a home décor catalogue, not a patio and porch one.

Designing it beach-style

Now, you can have a coastal experience in the comforts of your home. A beach-style sunroom will serve you well, even in winter, as it creates an inviting hub for you to relax and be energised. You can’t go wrong with using modern furniture made with natural materials like bamboo, rattan or wicker to achieve the look.

Installing glass doors and windows

Sunrooms are great places to let natural light into your home. Glass is a popular material for enclosures, as they add a fresh and elegant look to your sunroom, keep the area cool and maximise light.

Glass room enclosures can easily be customised to match your existing house colours. Additional modifications for glass enclosures include minimising glare and adding tints for privacy.

Once you decide what your sunroom’s theme and furnishings will be, designing it will be much easier. With the right fixtures, pieces of furniture and accents, your sunroom will become the most-used space in your home.