Is it Time to Upgrade Your Workshop’s Shelving?

Workshop shelves

If you have a workshop, you understand how useful it is to have the right storage shelving for the tools and equipment you’ll use. You want every shelving to be functional enough to keep every stored item safe and secure. It’s best to also ensure that you can access the storage shelving with ease and safely.

You probably might not have considered upgrading your shelving. When exactly, though, can you tell you need upgrading? Containit Solutions lists some three hints to help with that:

Check for Wear and Tear

Inspect the shelves to determine whether rust has begun eating away sections of the shelving units. Determine if the fittings are loosening up and posing a safety risk to your employees. Sagging shelves also make a critical element of workshop storage solutions that are suffering wear and tear.

Check Whether Your Inventory is Outgrowing the Current Shelving

Determine whether your current storage solution is gradually becoming insufficient for the inventory you have been growing over time. Initially, you might have missed signs that your workshop tools and equipment are outgrowing your current storage shelving. However, with proper planning and expert consultation, you can determine how your workshop’s storage solution will even fit your future inventory.

Expanding Your Workshop

If you’re planning to expand your workshop, it makes sense to consider upgrading your storage solution. You will, however, need to consult a shelving specialist to determine the right design and space the storage should cover. Here, it’s crucial to check the material of the shelves that you will be installing.

Your workshop’s parts shelving is among the areas you access nearly every time you’re working on a project, and yet these storage solutions remain among the many sections that workshop owners hardly give attention to, especially in upgrading them. With the above pointers, you will know whether it is time you updated your workshop’s storage shelving.