Keep Noise Levels Down: You Have Ears to Protect

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ear protectors Around 22 million workers in the United States expose themselves to dangerous, intense sounds. When you include policemen who use guns, or individuals who are into shooting sports, that number goes up. In certain industries, the importance of hearing protection can’t be stressed enough.

Ear Safety at Work

The Occupational Noise Exposure Standard asserts that companies are liable for their employees’ ear security. When your workplace exposes you to risky sound levels in the office, your employer should provide you with free ear protectors. You have the right to choose the type that fits you, and you will be guided in using and maintaining it. In return, you must wear it during operations at all times.

Your hearing protection must comply with the noise cutback standard that will defend you from noises louder than 85 to 90 decibels. People have the ability to stand an average of 30 to 89 decibels with ease. Constant exposure to an intensity of 90 to 139 decibels might already harm your eardrums.

Of Shooting and Hearing            

A .22 caliber gun releases a sound strength of about 140 decibels, which may result in short-term hearing loss or ear injuries. Wear your ear protectors every time you engage in shooting drills. People in the military use loud guns such as the fully automated machinegun, which makes military hearing protection devices necessary.

Make sure your hearing protection has the best noise reduction rating (NRR). You measure NRR on a scale of 0 to 33. You simply determine its efficiency by deducting the NRR from the gun’s decibel capacity. If you use a .45 Colt which booms at 155 decibels and your ear protector has 33 NRR, this means you will only hear a noise of 122 decibels.

It’s almost impossible not to hear loud sounds these days. But if you are in an industry that deals with loud noise all the time, protect your ears properly. After all, you need your hearing to perform well on the job.

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  1. They ain’t kidding when they say a .22 caliber is enough to temporarily deafen you. Tried it once, never gonna go that way again.

  2. I agree that hearing protection is essential in workplaces with loud environments. Worker safety should always be a priority.

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