Keeping Children’s Teeth Healthy

Dentist holding a mirror for a child

Dental health is crucial to people of all ages, but it is more critical to start oral hygiene and dental health care early in childhood. The first two years of your child’s life will determine their overall health in the future. Poor practices could see your child suffer dental problems throughout their life. Here are some ways you can begin your child’s dental journey.

Start Dental Care Early

You should schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist as soon as they are a year old. By this time the first tooth is usually out. Your initial visit to a dentist for kids in Utah will help check if teeth are erupting well. Your pediatric dentist will also address any issues of concern, answer questions you may have and give guidelines for a preventive plan.

Teach Kids Good Oral Hygiene Habits

The best way of cleaning teeth is by regular brushing. Their lesson should begin at a young age. Teach them to clean their gums and teeth by gently brushing with water and a soft cloth. Once teeth erupt, help them brush twice daily. When they are of age, brush your teeth together, so they know what to do.

Give them Healthy Snacks

Unhealthy snacks and junk food can destroy teeth. Ensure a healthy diet that not only facilitates the development of healthy teeth but one that also helps to prevent damage. Discourage the habit of eating sweet candies and carbonated drinks, as these can damage enamel.

Don’t Depend on the Baby Bottle

Using the baby bottle to put your baby to sleep may put them at ease for a while but could cause long-term damage to teeth. The sugar in powdered milk often causes bacteria to grow in the mouth which could lead to baby bottle tooth decay. If they must they sleep with a bottle, only give plain water.

Get them Enough Fluoride

Using fluoride regularly strengthens the teeth enamel, which strengthens teeth. However, excessive fluoride can cause teeth discoloration. Check with your doctor for the right amounts and the best alternatives.