Let Teenagers Have Fun as They Wear Artistic Retainers

Wear Artistic Retainers The moment braces have been taken off by the orthodontist, patients should start wearing retainers to ensure that teeth alignment is maintained. For teenagers, those retainers with truly cool designs will be perfect for them.

After wearing braces for two years, or perhaps more than that, patients find the day that their dentist tells them that they no longer need to continue wearing braces truly liberating. However, there is still something that they need to wear – retainers. If the one who will be wearing them are teenagers who wish to remain cool and totally fab, then Hawley retainer designs will be perfect for them.

The Need for Retainers

After braces, retainers are needed to help stabilize and maintain the teeth alignment that braces have developed over time. To begin with, they are called retainers because they are there to “retain” what braces have come to achieve over long periods of time. The role that retainers play is important, which is why, it is imperative for orthodontists to choose good quality retainers to offer their patients. Colgate emphasized that retainers ensure that patients keep the same bite and smile formed by braces over the years.

No Retainers = Disaster

So what if a patient would not opt for retainers after his braces were taken off? Well, that equals to disaster. Why? Well, according to Solstice Benefits, the teeth have the continuing ability to move, and move a lot more, after the braces have been removed. This means that without a device to stop that further movement, the patient himself would undo whatever teeth formation the braces have reached. This is where the importance of wearing retainers would come into play.

Designs that Rock

Now that the wearing of retainers has been settled, it’s time to go for the aesthetics of one. Gone are the days when retainers are plain white plastics that do not bring about a sense of artistry. Today, there are retainers that sport various designs which would be perfect for teens who want to express themselves in things they wear, even in the form of their retainers. The range of designs that Hawley offers will have teens going gaga over them, their orthodontist or parents would not need to convince them that they should wear one.

So if the patient is a teenager who always wants to look and feel cool, then Hawley retainer designs will be right for them. There are so many designs to choose from and for sure, these teenagers will always find one that will suit their tastes and lifestyles.