Log Cabin Homes: Still a Favourite After All These Years

A view of a log cabin home in a forest

For suburban and modern homeowners, the popularity of log cabin homes is still a mystery–until now, that is.  Hundreds of years have passed since the first log cabins were built–most of them, in the wilderness. Even today, many people still prefer this housing option, in particular by the younger generation. Here are five reasons why log cabins are still quite the rage.

Rustic, Wild Appeal

While it is true that log cabins don’t offer as many modern features as today’s homes, it does have a simple, rustic vibe that many people find more charming. The rustic, wild appeal gives people a bit of nostalgia and a reminder of how simple things used to be.

Easy to Build and Inexpensive

Since the popularity of log cabin homes, companies such as Classic Cabins offer their customers kit cabins that make assembly easier than ever. Kit cabins are also set at a relatively affordable price and come with various size and design options for you to choose.

Away from the City

The city can be a loud, busy, and toxic place. Most people are glued to their jobs, forced to join in the hustle and bustle. A log cabin is a small investment to cure your city blues every once in a while. Being away from the city is a great way to recharge one’s batteries that only a cabin in the woods could do.


Many people cite these five reasons why log cabin homes are still a top housing option. Whether you’re in for the affordability, history, or just the privilege of being one with nature, log cabin homes truly are a treat