Lowering the Risk of Property Damage and Injury to Persons While Using Overhead Cranes

Overhead crane

Overhead craneOverhead cranes are some of the most commonly used equipment in materials handling, and industries of all shapes and sizes require a fully equipped crane to boost their productivity. Operating an overhead crane requires a specific set of skills. The safety and efficiency of operation of this kind of machine depends on the state of the equipment as well.

Here are a few reasons crane servicing is essential, according to Wong Fong Engineering.

Assurance of Crane Safety

In Singapore, specialised maintenance services on different types of cranes are available to your company. You must be willing to invest resources to make sure that every piece of equipment in the inventory is in top shape.

Overhead crane safety is regulated by the authorities, and for this reason, regular maintenance is a necessity. Otherwise, you will have to pay penalties and implement the recommended measures. If your business is tarnished by an unfavourable comment or evaluation result, you might lose clients to the competition, and your overhead cranes will spend their days rusting away in the yard.

Crane Evaluation

What are some of the areas evaluated by the authorities when they conduct monitoring? The safe operation of an overhead crane lies on four key safety factors, namely supervision of lifting, planning lifting operations, safe systems, and thorough examination. When any of these factors are compromised, the risk for any of the two principal hazards of operation increases exponentially.

The first hazard is the occurrence of crane collapse, while the second is the load falling off. Both can lead to severe injuries or fatalities. In certain situations, the loads transported using cranes may injure people on the ground. Sometimes, a couple of cranes operating near each other collide.

Therefore, every time a crane is made to work, a skilled individual who sits on a well-oiled machine without damaged or deteriorating components must conduct lifting operations. You are responsible for ensuring that it is capable of completing the task with minimal risk for injury to person and property.

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  1. For any vehicle or machinery timely maintenance is very important and your post gives useful suggestion on it. Thanks for highlighting some of the most common causes of crane accident and giving useful suggestion on how to avoid them. Find your post very helpful.

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