Luxury Living for the Sports Enthusiast

Woman in pool in front of skyscrapers

If you’re looking for a home that offers more than just a place to sleep, why not live in a community where residents enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and a range of sporting and recreational activities.

Everyone wants a beautiful home, but what people want more is a sense of community and enough amenities to enjoy their leisure time. Communities like Lake Olathe offer houses for sale set amongst natural surroundings and feature luxury facilities. Residents may experience lots of activities, including:

Jogging Trails

Keep fit by going running on some jogging trails. Health authorities recommend that people get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, in the form of jogging, fast walking, cycling or swimming. Having these trails close to home will make it easier to incorporate an exercise routine into daily life.

Residents may also keep fit by going to the community gym.

Tennis Courts

Sports enthusiasts can also use tennis courts for a game that increases flexibility and strength, develops muscle tone and balance, and improves reaction times. Tennis lovers can meet other people who also like the game, so it’s a great way to make new friends who share the same interests.

Fishing or Sailing

Communities near an on-site lake provide the perfect opportunity for boating or catching fish.

Saltwater Swimming Pool

Some developments also have their own salt water swimming pool. Salt water pools have less chlorine than traditional pools. Salt breaks down and forms hypochlorous acid, the compound in chlorine responsible for disinfection. As salt is dissolved in water, there is a steady supply of the chlorine agent to kill germs. No one must manually add any more for risk of adding too much. Too much chlorine is linked to eczema and asthma, but salt water swimmers don’t experience these side-effects.

Buying a luxury home within a community brings a resort-like feel to residents as they can enjoy the things they love among like-minded people.