Make Your Hotel Attractive for Guests: Use Television Sets!

Hotel TelevisionIn keeping with the trends, most hotels are putting up television sets and smart TVs in the lobby or the lounging areas. Hotel management considers installing television sets in the lounging as a strategic method of advertising the amenities offered by the hotel, according to E-Communications and Networking​​. Another point is to advertise the attractions near the hotel. 

What are the Benefits of Putting Up Smart TVs in the Lounging Areas?

Some of the benefits of putting up television sets in the hotel lobby or lounging areas are as follows:

  • If your customers wish to take advantage of a tourist package, but do not know which package to choose, then they can check them out in the television set in the lobby.
  • If most of your customers are business travellers then putting up television sets in the lounging area is essential. They would be able to listen to the news even while relaxing in the lounge area.
  • The television can broadcast the local tourist attraction. Tastefully designed advertisement enhancing the beauty of the area will always be attractive to tourists and visitors. Your hotels customers will be able to get a glimpse of it on the smart TVs installed in the lounge or lobby.
  • Many hotels nowadays have an in-house gymnasium. You can consider putting up a television set there as well. This will make the gym session of your guest interesting. Moreover, it would add to the overall appeal of your hotel.

So even though putting up television sets or smart TVs behind the counter or in the lobby seem to be a huge investment initially, it is the best method of advertising your hotel and the tourist attractions near it.