Making the Cut: Freelance Hairdressing

Hairdressers at a salon

There is a lot to be said about the flexibility and the earning potential that comes with freelance hairdressing. Before putting your advertisements out there and scouting for a new clientele, there are several things to consider to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Head to Head

Like any other business, the hairdressing industry is not without competition — and when you freelance, you are still going up against establishments and franchises, especially within your immediate area.

While it may sound challenging as you go into a David versus Goliath situation, you still have several points in your favour. That is especially true if you play your cards right:

  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • A more personal approach to service
  • You can cover more areas
  • You coming to clients makes you the more convenient choice
  • No space to pay rent for
  • You are your own boss

Going the Extra Mile

Being a freelancer does provide a certain extent of freedom for you as a professional, but it does come with some challenges. Independently running your own small business can be either self-sustaining or self-destructive. It all hinges on your own motivation and drive to work long, hard hours until you establish a steady flow of income. That means:

  • Shouldering other overhead costs by yourself
  • Keeping your own records of your income and expenses
  • Taking additional hairdressing and styling courses to broaden your skills
  • Making sure you are mobile — having a car stocked with the right supplies on the go (like a pair of hairdressing scissors)
  • Build your own following and market your services (via social media, word of mouth, flyers, etc.)

Keeping the Business Alive

Being a self-sufficient entrepreneur is all part of thriving in freelance hairdressing. Scissors need to be kept sharp — just as you need to hone not just your styling know-how, but also your business awareness, marketing knacks, and drive to succeed.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when venturing into something alone, and this is no exception. But if you have the determination to give that something extra, maintain great relationships with customers, and make sure you are your own cheerleader and (one-man) team manager, freelancing might just be your best professional decision yet.