Music Production Process: Writing a Song


Writing a song is the first and most important step in the music production process. This phase usually starts with an inspiration or idea and may begin with lyric and melody, and a unique sound or chord progression. You’ll learn more about the process of creating music when you take up a music course in London. Meanwhile, here the things that you need to consider when writing a song:



The subject matter refers to the feeling that you want to portray. This could be love, hatred, joy, jealousy, fun, nationalism, and any other thing under the sun. The subject you choose will lay the groundwork for other decisions that you’ll make in the next step of the production process.

Telling the Story

How do you plan to convey your message? This decision will be based on the feeling of the song you want to create. For instance, if you want to portray happiness, you might want to use a major key. If it’s a sad song that you want to create, start with minor keys.


Do you want the song to start simple and end big or have a consistent melody until the end? The presentation of your song will determine how the dynamic energy of the music flows and whether it will hold the attention of the listeners or not.

Whatever kind of song you create, the whole process of music production must support the message or prevailing emotion of the song, in every way.