Need To Improve Work Place Efficiency: Introduce Modern CNC Machines

CNC Machines in PerthMany manufacturing industries are introducing laser cutting or water jet cutting CNC machines. Most of the CNC machining retailers in Perth mention that companies are purchasing these machines to reduce the workload on their employees. However, Engineered Precision Machining cautions manufacturers from purchasing a machine without evaluating their requirements.

What are the essential features of the two types of CNC machines? Some of the characteristics of the two types are as follows:

  • Laser-based CNC machines: These machines use carbon dioxide gas like a gas laser jet and the high temperatures can cut through the metal sheets. These laser jets produce high temperatures within a concentrated area. Hence, it is ideal to cut through non-reflective metals, glass and wood. However, since laser jets produce very high temperatures you need to wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves while operating the machine.
  • Water jet CNC machines: These machines release water at a very high pressure, which can erode through articles made of a combination of raw materials. The water jet works similar to natural erosion and corrodes the surface of the article making it weaker and thereby easier to break. The high-pressure water jets can be used even to drill holes into the article.

Hence, the two types of CNC machines have different applications. In order to ensure that you have purchased the correct type of CNC equipment ensure first evaluates the function of the machines

What are the Benefits of CNC Machines?

The biggest advantages of CNC machines are that it reduces manual labour and even work place hazards. These machines can be operated easily and your employees will not need much training to handle these machines. Hence, if you wish to make your company efficient as well as productive, then you can consider instaling the latest CNC machines.