Negligence in British Care Homes on the Rise


NursingMost people send their elderly relatives to nursing homes, thinking that these institutions can provide adequate care. Recent studies, however, suggest that some institutions are not paying enough attention to the needs of senior residents.

Neglect in British care homes

A 2013 NHS survey revealed that about one in three adults in residential care fears abuse or physical harm. Most of the respondents admitted receiving little food and drink. In addition, nearly half of those who rely on carers for proper hygiene said they did not feel clean or presentable.

Given these issues in elderly care, the government is implementing legislations and other measures to ensure quality care. Compensation claims are advisable for those who are getting below standards of care in nursing homes as well. However, people must understand what nursing care negligence means before asking for compensation.

Defining Nursing Care Negligence

Any activity (or the lack of it) that causes harm to people in residential care is a form of nursing care negligence. notes that negligent nursing care can involve a failure to keep accurate and regular observations, failure to request senior review when a problem arises, or failure to undertake risk. Those who experience such cases may file for claims.

Filing Claims

Those who experienced nursing care negligence must seek legal advice and assistance when filing claims. Personal injury lawyers will assess the case and determine a person’s eligibility for compensation. Those with nursing care negligence issues with NHS organisations must make their claims through the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA).

Claimants must fulfil basic requirements for proving nursing care negligence as well. First, they must establish that the nursing home has a duty to care for the resident. Second, they should prove that the facility displayed poor standards of care through documents or an expert witness. Lastly, claimants should attest that the facility’s actions or failure to act caused them harm.

Poor care in nursing homes is not something people can ignore especially when they or their elderly relatives might end up in the same situation someday. People should push for quality care in nursing homes and file for claims in case of negligence.